Effective Today Resignation Letter Content, Example and More

Effective Today Resignation Letter Content, Example and More

An effective today resignation letter is written by employee who needs to quit the job immediately. Usually, it is a great matter to end the career in such short notice. Here’s how to write the letter.

84 Effective Today Resignation Letter

How to Write Effective Today Resignation Letter

There are several tips to write the effective today resignation letter. They are:

Write them carefully and slowly.

State the strong reason to resign

Address the letter to the human resources department

Is It OK to Resign Effective Immediately?

It heavily depends on the company’s policies. Some companies have the policy of two week notice or even a month notice. If there is are policies like that, resign immediately is nothing to be worried about.

What is the Effective Date in a Resignation Letter?

The effective day is usually the very same day the letter was written. This is why the letter is very powerful as the deed cannot be undone after the letter is sent.

How Do You Pass a Resignation Letter?

It is believed that passing the letter right to the human resources department is the best. You do not have to pass it to the supervisor and then to the manager and then to the human resources department. You need to skip some steps as you want to resign immediately.

Sample of Effective Today Resignation Letter

This is the example of the letter:


August 29, 2020


Stuart Cooper

Human Resources Department

Caltech Computer Company

Penny 62 St,

Pasadena, CA, 2919


Mr. Cooper,

This is my resignation letter. I am writing you this letter to officially resign from my position as marketing supervisor in Caltech Computer Company. This letter is effective today and I won’t be coming to work tomorrow.

I am terribly sorry for such a short notice. However, I do believe that I have strong reason to resign immediately from the job. The reason is a little bit personal but it is strong enough to make me decide to end my 5-year career here in Caltech Computer Company.

The reason is because there is this new recruit in the marketing department that I could not stand. He was an old friend of mine and we did not get along very well recently. I was even issued an restraining order against this person a few years ago.

The recruiting department has not informed me anything about the recruitment of this person so I was not aware at all. As I feel terribly uncomfortable around this person, I would rather to sacrifice my career here.

I hope you can understand my decision. I took this decision as being around this person really threaten my well-being. I would make sure that I finished all my responsibilities today and that I can leave the job gracefully.


Thank you,

Grace Douglas


Writing the letter is not easy as some people tend to write it in hurry and not think the whole thing through. However, if you have made the decision, make sure the effective today resignation letter is well-written anyway.


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