Writing Guide of Resignation Letter to Whom it May Concern and Sample

Writing Guide of Resignation Letter to Whom it May Concern and Sample

Writing a ‘resignation letter to whom it may concern’ may be needed if you aren’t sure whom to address the letter to during your resignation process. It is an easy way to write the letter while still staying professional and general.

118 Resignation Letter to Whom it May Concern

Can I Write to Whom It May Concern on A Resignation Letter?

It’s possible sometimes to submit resignation letter and not being sure of who’s going to handle it. In this case, you may simply address the letter “To whom it may concern,” instead of the usual “Dear Mr. /Mrs. /Ms. (name)”, or “Dear (Company name)”.

Notifying your resignation by using letter is a good idea, because it serves as writing notice in which you can explain the reason behind your resignation and when it will take place. It is also useful to use to protect you in case you receive untrue accusation or you want to reach for the company as reference when applying for another job in the future.

What Should I Write in My Letter of Resignation?

Below is a proper way to write the resignation letter:

In the opening or introduction, state your objective clearly

Mention your final employment date

Offer your reason to resign briefly, but it’s optional

Offer your help to make transition easier by training your replacement

Express your sincere gratitude upon the opportunity and experience given by company

Put your signature at the end of letter

Who Do You Address Your Resignation Letter To?

Resignation is usually addressed to either supervisor or manager, so you may mention their name if you know they will handle the letter. It’s also typically sent to Human Resources department. However, as explained above, if you aren’t sure about whom to address the letter to, then you can simply write “To whom it may concern.”

Is There Another Way to Say to Whom It May Concern?

Here are several alternatives instead of writing “To whom it may concern”:

Dear (name of your department’s manager)

Dear (name of hiring manager)

Dear (name of recruiting manager)

Dear (referral name)

Dear recruiting department

Sample of Resignation Letter

Read below a sample of ‘resignation letter to whom it may concern’ that you can customize:


To Whom it May Concern,

I’d like to turn in my resignation as sales of associate in ProGlobe, Inc. As per the terms and conditions in my contract, I provide two-week notice and my last day of working here will be on December 22, 2020.

I’ve learnt valuable knowledge and enjoyed my time to work here. I hope I also bring good contribution and affluence to the company. However, I feel like it’d be the best time to continue my career by moving on to another working environment.

Once again, I express gratitude for the working opportunity and my wish for the company’s continuing success.


Jason McWilson


If you encounter any difficulty in writing the ‘resignation letter to whom it may concern’, feel free to use the format from sample above. The sample can serve as guide to your wordings.



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