Sample of a Good Retirement Letter of Appreciation

Sample of a Good Retirement Letter of Appreciation

When coworkers who have made the work environment more pleasant or have genuinely helped you to develop your career retire, you want to let them know how much they have left a positive influence to you. Sending retirement letter of appreciation is one of the best acknowledgements that are worth to do.

148 Retirement Letter of Appreciation

What Happens When a Coworker Retires?

For some people, retirement is a long-awaited time, where they’re able to step back and appreciate the career they’ve built for so long. It’s an exciting period that they look forward to, because they can finally spend more time to do things they want and with people they love.

To celebrate this milestone, as a coworker, you may send a retirement card, join the festivities, or deliver personal gift to honor this specific occasion. The event of retirement is the last opportunity to show appreciation and care to the valued employee.

How Do You Say Thank You to Someone Retiring?

To compose an appropriate appreciation letter for retired person, make sure you include these several components inside:

  • Writing the opening with congratulations and best wishes
  • Talk about shared interests or memories
  • Mention the retirement festivity
  • Share your contact information if you want to keep in touch

How Do You Thank Someone for Years Of Service?

Writing retirement letter of appreciation is a great way to regard someone for their years of work. Besides sending a letter, you may also get creative by giving an appreciation speech.

Do You Congratulate Someone for Retiring?

A notice of congratulation is a big step to acknowledge the efforts your colleagues make for the company and the workplace environment. Retirement is sure a good next step they need to take in life, so you may want to send off a goodbye in positive tone.

Sample of Retirement Appreciation Letter

Here is one sample of retirement appreciation letter. In the example below, it’s written by the employer to their retiring employee.


Dear Sophia,

I received and acknowledged your resignation letter that mention about your last working day here in the company at December 26, 2020. It is with regret that I accept the resignation. I truly wish all the best for your well-deserved happy retirement. Please know that your leave will give a void that’s hard to be filled in the team and we appreciate years of your dedication.

There is a lot to miss about you, but I’m sure me and the coworkers here will miss your positive attitude the most. I can’t remember just for a single event that you speak in a negative way about someone else. We’d also miss how impeccable and inspiring your work ethic is, always being the first to show up and volunteer yourself to help with extra works.

Once again, congratulation for the retirement! Wish you only good things on the future and hope we’ll stay in touch.

Yours sincerely,

Laura Walsh


Notice how the tone of retirement letter of appreciation sample above is slightly less formal than typical business letter. Feel free to take inspiration from the letter to express your acknowledgement for retiring coworker or employee.


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