Sending the Proper EDD Appeal Letter

Sending the Proper EDD Appeal Letter

What should you do if you are deemed of doing something wrong which results in your employment termination? Well, it feels disheartening, doesn’t it? You can send an EDD appeal letter to help yourself out from such condition. This kind of letter is written to ask the Employment Development Department to rethink reassess their decision.

14 EDD Appeal Letter

How Do I Write an EDD Appeal Letter?

To write an EDD appeal letter, you should include your clear identity, including phone number, social security number, and the reason why you are writing an appeal letter. You should also include the contact number of any representative, or witness who is willing to testify that the EDD decision is not right.

How Long Does the EDD Appeal Process Take?

Typically, the EDD appeal process will take around 2-3 weeks. In addition, if you don’t agree with their decision, you can send an appeal within 20 days.

What Should I Write in My Unemployment Appeal?

You only need to write an appeal letter stating that you want to appeal the decision of your employment. Included in the letter is necessary information about you, your social security number, and phone number.

How Many Pages Should an Appeal Letter Be?

Although there are no definite sources mentioning any limitation of writing an appeal letter, it is advised to keep the letter short, for instance, 1-2 pages. Almost all professional letters will recommend this to be complied. To avoid over-writing, you can list the things you will require to write in the letter.

EDD Appeal Letter Sample

Dear Adjudicator Muller,

I am writing this letter with a purpose to appeal the Employment Development Department decision, which was made on November 20, 2020 about my dismissal as well as my disqualification from unemployment benefits. I highly appreciate this chance to provide clarification of what really happened as well as the details that may help to reverse my employment termination.

I was dismissed from my job from XYZ Advertising Company for showing up late to work without any reason. I will not say that there are no related provisions about that, but I was not late without reason. My ex-husband, who was on his way to work just like I was, had an accident which required him to be hospitalized immediately.

That was why I was late; I was phoned to be his guardian because his only brother was ill as well. Before heading to the hospital, I phoned my supervisor but he was unable to be reached. Therefore, I told my coworker about the situation and asked her to tell my supervisor about my condition. Unfortunately, my coworker, Lisa Smith, forgot to tell the word which result me getting fired.

Lisa Smith is willing to testify that I informed her and asked her to tell the supervisor that I would come to work late. Moreover, that was not my fault that I could not reach him by phone. I have the phone record list from that date (November 20) as evidence that may help me to clear the problem. Therefore, please reconsider the decision of my unemployment; or if it is unable, please reconsider about the denial of my unemployment benefits.


Maria H. Schneider

Administration Officer

XYZ Advertising Company


Well, that’s how to write an EDD appeal letter. Keep in mind you ought to write the letter in a professional way. Avoiding grammatical error as well as using proper wordings that is polite to use in your letter.



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