Using Sample to Write Teacher Resignation Letter to Principal

Using Sample to Write Teacher Resignation Letter to Principal

Regardless of the reason for leaving your teaching position, it’s vital to write a resignation letter that’s professional. It involves composing a teacher resignation letter to principal as they should be the first person to tell about your plans.

153 Teacher Resignation Letter to Principal

How to Resign as a Teacher?

If you are planning to resign from teaching position, first and foremost, you need to discuss this decision with the administrators at the school. Then, send a written notice to your principal. Regardless of the circumstances for your resignation, you need to always maintain professionalism and be respectful to your principal.

Can a Teacher Resign Without Notice?

No, they can’t. Suppose you are resigning from your teaching position without giving any notice to your school principal and administrators. You will be considered breaking your contract as a teacher, which could result in your employer pursuing legal action. That’s why writing a formal resignation letter to let the employer know about your plan is highly advised.

How Do I Write a Teacher Resignation Letter?

Here are the basic tips to consider when you write a resignation letter as a teacher:

  • When composing a letter of resignation, be sure to keep it short and straightforward
  • Provide formal notice and keep it professional
  • Ask for an exit interview if possible
  • Make sure you are certain about your intention

How to Write a Letter of Resignation to My Principal?

When writing this letter, start it with a salutation addressed to the school principal. Then, briefly describe your position at the school in the first paragraph. Inform the principal that you will resign and state the specific date of your last working day.

The Sample of a Teacher Resignation Letter to Principal

Even if you have a good relationship with the school principal, you might experience a bit of difficulty in composing the letter. To give an idea, below is the sample letter you can use as a reference.

Dear Mr. Albert,

I am writing to formally inform you regarding my decision to resign from my profession as a middle school Math Teacher in Oak Ridge Middle School. My last day of work in this institution will be on December 7. I thoroughly enjoyed my profession at this esteemed institution.

Unfortunately, I have no other choice but to resign from this rewarding profession due to my plan to pursue higher education. Recently, I obtained admission to the post-graduate program at the University of Maryland. Therefore, I need to move to Maryland by the end of December.

I would not have left my position as a teacher in this prestigious school. However, it is a lifetime opportunity that I cannot miss. I have to say that I really enjoyed every valuable moment that I have spent at Oak Ridge Middle School. I will definitely miss all my colleagues and my students very much.

I cannot thank you enough for the opportunities for career development that you have given to me throughout the years I spent in this institution. I wish you all success in your future endeavors.

Best regards,

Thomas Dickinson

Math Teacher

It’s highly recommended to send a teacher resignation letter to principal by mail. This way, you will know that the letter is received.


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