Forced Resignation Letter Example and Detail Information

Forced Resignation Letter Example and Detail Information

Writing forced resignation letter is something dreadful. When you love your job, there is no way that you want to get forced leaving it. However, sometimes it does happen and you will be forced to leave the job you are currently holding. This is the information of the letter and how you can write that. There will be other information related to it as well.

221 Forced Resignation Letter

What is a Forced Resignation?

Forced resignation is the situation where you have to leave your job against your will. It happens when:

  • It is not that you are fired or laid off but you are the one asking for it.
  • It is not your will to leave the job.
  • It often happens when an employee makes a mistake at work and their supervisor suggests that they write the letter first before getting fired.

Can You Sue If you are Forced to Resign?

It depends on the situation. If you did nothing wrong and suddenly you are being forced to resign, you can certainly sue the company. However, sometimes it is always better to resign rather than being laid off.

Is It Better to Resign or Get Laid Off?

Yes, sometimes it does. Being laid off will mark your reputation and CV. Most people consider resignation as more “honorable”, and that’s why a lot of people do that.

Can I Withdraw a Resignation Letter?

It depends on the human resources department. If they have processed the letter, it is pretty much impossible to withdraw the letter. You have to follow the process and if you are leaving the job at the end, the company cannot be blamed.

Sample of Forced Resignation Letter

For those who need forced resignation letter example, there is one below and you can use it as the template to write the letter:

May 10, 2020


Jonathan May

Human Resources Department

Highland Store

Lucas 7 St,

Hamilton, JN, 2916


Dear Mr. May,

This is my resignation letter. I would like to quit my job as cashier at Highland Store. My last day at work will be on May 31, 2020. The reason why I have decided to quit is because I did realize that yesterday I made a massive mistake.

I did not count the payment fee of a transaction properly and the store has lost quite a lot of money because of that. My supervisor forced me to quit my job because she thought it would be a lot better than being laid off.

Hence, I am writing you this letter. I hope that my mistake yesterday can be forgiven and this is my two-week notice. I promise that I would finish up all reports and duties related to my job before May 31. Thank you for understanding.


Samuel Johnson


Sometimes, it is better to resign rather than being fired. Being fired will ruin your record and reputation. Therefore, the forced resignation is nothing new in any industries. If you tend to save your reputation after making a mistake, write the forced resignation letter properly by following the example above.





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