Guide to Write Visa Application Letter and Sample

Guide to Write Visa Application Letter and Sample

Visa application letter is not component that’s always required in the documents list for visa entry. However, it can be a highly beneficial item to communicate about the applicant’s intent and reason to visit certain county. To know what it is and how you can write it properly, read the guide provided below.

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What Is A Visa Application Letter?

Also known as visa cover letter, this document is used to facilitate the process of applying visa for a person that wants to travel to another country with certain purpose. It might be written by family members, friends, or company. Depending on the destination country or the travelling reason, it may be required or not at all.

How Do I Write A Visa Application Letter?

To compose the letter, you need to:

State the purpose of your travel clearly

Explain about your travel expenses management

Describe briefly about the flight itinerary

Explain the reason why you choose the destination country

Explain the submitted documents that attached with the letter, if any

How Do I Write A Letter To An Embassy?

You should write letter with formal format and professional tone if you want to address the letter to ambassador or any member of the embassy. Include inside the letter your personal information, purpose of writing the letter, as well as formal salutation to the person your addressed it for.

How Do I Ask For A Visa Letter?

If you were the party who wants to ask for visa covering letter or write the letter for yourself, then you should include:

Your personal details such as name and date of birth

The period date of your traveling

The general reason for your travelling

The length of your requested visa in details

Sample of Visa Covering Letter

Here is one sample of visa application letter:

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to apply for Schengen Visa as I intend to visit Belgium, France, and Spain from December 27, 2020 to January 9, 2021.

The main reason of my travel is to visit several of my distant family and my European friends. I also look forward to visit famous tourist destination spots such as Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and Ibiza Island. During the period of my visit, I have planned to spend quality time in Belgium with my family to celebrate my birthday and graduation.

I work as a software engineers at Sync Tech in 2995 Parkview Drive, Houston, Texas. I have been employed since October 2017, or approximately for three years now.

To support my visa requesting process, I have attached the documents as listed below:

Form of application

Round-trip flight itinerary confirmation

Accommodation proofs

Employment proof

Detailed information of travel itinerary

You will find the documents order as the list above. If there is any required information, please reach me through the contact details I have attached. I thank you in advance for the consideration and response upon my visa application.


Emma Walter


As it has been explained, you aren’t always required of visa application letter. However it’s still a recommended document to submit especially if there’s no interview conducted over the application.


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