Writing a Promotion Acceptance Letter Easy Way

Writing a Promotion Acceptance Letter Easy Way

Getting promoted for a certain position you love? Congratulations! Now it is a right time to thank the one who promoted you for the position. You can write a promotion acceptance letter to confirm and to give a formal notice that you are accepting the job offered.

85 Promotion Acceptance Letter

What is the Meaning of Letter of Acceptance?

Acceptance letter is a letter which contains your positive response regarding an invitation or something like a job offer. The objective is to notify the reader that you got an affirmative decision towards their offer. In the case of promotion acceptance letter, the letter is aimed to notify the employer that you are accepting the promotion offer.

How Do I Accept a Promotion Offer?

Show your gratitude and accept the offered job happily. Show it on your letter and make sure your words reflect your enthusiasm to do the job.

How Do I Write a Simple Acceptance Letter?

To write an acceptance letter, here is what you should write in your letter.

  • First, show the employer that you are accepting the job offer.
  • Review the terms and conditions you have known and previously told. This may include starting date (and end date if you are an interim personnel), benefits, salary, etc.
  • Express your enthusiasm and appreciation for the chance given.
  • Lastly, thank your employer for such opportunity given.

When Should You Write the Promotional Acceptance Letter?

It is advised to write an acceptance letter as early as you have made your mind to accept the position. Make sure not to make the waiting time too long or the offer will be canceled.

Promotion Acceptance Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Flynn,

Along with this letter I intend to formally inform you that I accept your promotional offer for being the headmaster of ABC Highschool. It is such a great chance for me and with a great pleasure I modestly accept your offer to fill the vacant position starting from December 21, 2020.

I acknowledge that this promotion is a temporary one, as Mr. Jacob intended to plan an absence from December 21, 2020 to June 8, 2021. I fully understand that after the given date, Mr. Jacob will be on his full responsibility again as a headmaster. I will also return to my current position as a teacher at the high school.

As we have discussed, the headmaster is totally responsible for what happens at school during his/her service. The headmaster is also responsible to manage the school according to the development plan, as well as to monitor the learning process of the students. In addition, to lead the teachers is also one of headmaster’s duty during his/her service.

I am looking forward to doing my position as headmaster in the school you are referring me to. I will do my best to ensure that I leave only good things to occur during my service. In addition, I will ensure to fit with the requested level of quality of service once I sit for the position. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need my help; and thank you for trusting me for such amazing position.


Mana Anderson

That is how to write a promotion acceptance letter. Well, it is good to show your full gratitude in the letter, but make sure not to make it too flowery and wordy hence making it sounds less professional. Moreover, keep it concise, and do not use slang words as if you are writing a personal letter.



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