Stanford Acceptance Letter and Other Information about it

Stanford Acceptance Letter and Other Information about it

Getting the Stanford acceptance letter is basically everyone’s dream, especially by those who have dreamt of higher education in elite campus like Stanford. For you who need more information about what the acceptance letter looks like and other information related to that, you can find the information below along with the example of the letter

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What Time Do Stanford Decisions Come Out?

It is usually at the beginning of February or March. The university is very responsive in the enrollment process and you will expect the decision to come out very soon after the enrollment. It takes no longer than three months to complete the whole process.

Does Stanford Mail Acceptance Letters?

There are several ways that Stanford informs the acceptance. They are:

Using mails/postage. The letter is sent to the address of the newly-accepted students

Using email. The letter is sent to the email address

By phone call

How Long Does It Take To Get An Acceptance Letter In The Mail?

It is usually two to three weeks after the decision is being made. The enrollment process in Stanford is by the beginning of the year and usually by February, there should be decision made about the students and they get the notification soon after.

Can I get into Stanford with a 3.7 GPA?

Yes, a 3,7 GPA is very high already and you can get accepted in a lot of universities with a GPA that high. It is including Stanford indeed. A lot of students in the university do have the GPA of 3.7 or up.

Sample of Stanford Acceptance Letter

There is no fixed template for the letter as it changes a lot from time to time. However, the simplest example of the Stanford acceptance letter can be found here:

January 2, 2020


Paul Peterson

Glenvilled 33 St,

Diego, HJ, 2901


Dear Mr. Peterson,

This letter is to inform you that you have been accepted to Stanford University. The major you have chosen is Computer programming. I am here to congratulate you for this achievement and I would like to inform you several important things.

We expect that you will finish the payment and paperwork for the admission by the end of January and enroll them to the campus as soon as possible. If you have received this letter, make sure that you find the attachment and complete everything on the list there.

Once again, congratulation for being one of the Stanford University new students this year and I would like to expect big things coming from you. Please proceed to read the further information on the attached documents.

Thank you and regards,


Marcus Simon, Ph.D.

Admission PIC


The letter can be sent via email and the post. However, as the days are getting more modern, sometimes the university tends to notify the newly-accepted students using phone. It does not matter as the news is the same and good: being accepted at Stanford. That’s why the Stanford acceptance letter is really to die for.





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