Termination Letter Due to Lack of Work Tips and Example

Termination Letter Due to Lack of Work Tips and Example

Writing a formal termination letter due to lack of work is the ideal way that will also protect you as a supervisor when you need to terminate employees for their poor work performance. Since your former workers can use everything in the letter to file charges against you, it’s important to keep the letter straightforward, and avoid too many details regarding your decision.

151 Termination Letter Due to Lack of Work

How Do You Terminate an Employee Due to Lack of Work?

Here is the most important thing you need to keep in mind when drafting a termination letter due to poor performance: make sure to always use simple words that make your former employers unable to take legal action against you or the company. After all, the purpose of the letter is to justify your decision to terminate them.

Do You Have to Give an Employee a Termination Letter?

Suppose you are an employer and need to terminate some employees due to their poor performance at the office. In that case, your workers deserve to receive written notice regarding their termination. This letter will help those employees understand why the company makes such a decision and protects you from any charges.

How to Write a Termination Letter of Employment Due to Lack of Work?

To write a good termination letter due to lack of work, include important items below:

  • State the specific date of your employee’s termination
  • Include the reason why you have to terminate the employee and any document to prove the case
  • Explain the last payment and benefits
  • Remind them about the company properties that must be returned
  • Have them sign the agreements regarding the layoff
  • Include the contact information of HR staff who deal with this issue

The Sample of a Termination Letter Due to Lack of Work

An employee who is unable to perform properly at the office has the possibility to affect the entire working process in department. As an employer, you have to right to terminate them. If you have no clue how to compose a termination letter for poor performance, here is an example to help you get started.

Dear Mr. Kanwald,

I am sending this letter to formally let you know that you are being dismissed from DG Groups. This decision is made due to your poor performance for the last 5 months. This dismissal is inevitable because, despite the fact that you have received feedback from your supervisor, your performance at the company is still not improved.

You are unable to complete the tasks that have been assigned to you and refused any resources that are offered to you. As a result, the company has no other option but to dismiss you from any service. You will receive the final payment and benefit of your termination within a week after this letter is sent.

Please arrange a schedule to return all the company properties in your possession. If you have any further questions regarding this decision, you can reach me by phone or email.

Best regards,

Mads Nielsen


Remember, when you need to write a termination letter due to lack of work, only mention the details you can prove with written documentation.


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