Professional Resignation Letter with Regret Writing Guide

Professional Resignation Letter with Regret Writing Guide

The only thing that’s harder than quitting a job is to quit a job that you actually love. It can be difficult to cut connections to the place where you feel like you’ve become a part of throughout your career, but it has to be done. While there’s no perfect way to do it, you may write resignation letter with regret to express about your sincere feeling to the employer.

173 Resignation Letter with Regret

How Do You Write A Resignation Letter And Express Regret?

People experience varying emotions when they resign, it may be dread, to relief, to regret. Regardless of the emotion, you should still follow the standard resignation procedure. To make an exit and maintain good terms with the company, give explanation upon your resignation and express your regrets genuinely.

How Do You Apologize For Resignation?

Start the letter by explaining why you turn in resignation and apologize if you ever cause inconvenience in the first place. You may mention how you enjoy working in the company, and wrap the letter up by stating that there’s no hard feeling involved in your resignation.

How Do I Write A Good Resignation Letter?

Include at least these components below:

The last day and date of your work

Brief explanation over your resignation

Expression of gratitude to the employer or company

Is It Unprofessional To Resign By Email?

Email is usually considered as acceptable method of job resignation. In fact, some employers actually prefer email over the conventional physical letter since the paper might be lost and email provide a way to get yourself a copy of it.

What Is An Example Of A Resignation Letter?

Read this resignation letter with regret sample and use it with customization for free accordingly:

Dear Mr. Wright,

This letter is written with deepest regret, in order to inform you about my wish to resign from my current position in this company.

I should leave the position that I have held for the last five years with heavy heart. However, the increasing cost of childcare has caused my family to decide that it would be the best for us financial wise if I were to take care for the children at home.

As per my contract terms, I provide you with two-week notice. Therefore, my last day of work here will be on Thursday, December 24, 2020. If I have accumulated considerable amount of annual leave, please inform me of how many of it and if it possible to be paid to me.

I should use this opportunity to say thank you for all the opportunities, supports, and helps that the company have given to me throughout these years. Please feel free to contact me if there is something you need to ask or discuss.

Yours sincerely,

Hannah Wood


You may use the sample of resignation letter with regret above at starting point to write your own and follow the format. Adjust the details according to your circumstances and as always, follow the resignation procedure in your company as it should be.





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