The Hotel Apology Letter to Guest from Managers

The Hotel Apology Letter to Guest from Managers

If you are running a hotel, writing hotel apology letter to guest is probably something you need to understand. There are a lot of things that can go wrong in a hotel which may cause the guests to get upset or angry. This is why you have to understand the way of writing the letter and apologize.

110 Hotel Apology Letter to Guest

How Do You Write an Apology Letter to a Hotel Guest?

Well, the guests can be very angry or upset sometimes that a letter will not solve a problem. To trick that, make sure you include these parts in the letter:

  • Sincere apology from the hotel
  • Free complimentary rewards for the guests

How Do I Apologize to My Guest?

A letter is effective. However, most managers are often making a phone call directly to the guests as well. They also apologize using email and coming to the guests’ resident at some point.

How Do You Start a Sincere Apology Letter?

To start a hotel apology letter to guest, you need to introduce yourself. The guests will be quite satisfied when they know their complaint is handled by the manager himself.

How Do You Say Sorry in a Formal Letter?

Simply say sorry the way it is. After that, relieve the upset guests by offering them vacation in the hotel for free.

The Sample of Hotel Apology Letter to Guest

The example of the letter is below.

October 2, 2020


Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Stone

Parker 7 St,

Paigeland, UH, 8201


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Stone,

My name is George Cooper. I am the manager of Springview Hotel. I am informed that you have filled a complaint against the hotel and I am here to clear things up. I do believe that the complaint is related to your staying at Springview Hotel on September 29 to September 30, 2020.

In the complaint, you stated that you were staying at room number 345 on the 3rd floor and the room was “swarmed with mice”. After you left and filled the complaint, we took action immediately and called the best pest control service in the area to inspect the room.

The pest control did find a mouse and traces of them. They also find a hole in the wall believed to house the mouse. With this letter, I want to offer the biggest apologize from Springview Hotel and I promise that next time you visit the hotel, there won’t be any mouse and other inconvenience.

We offer a free 3-days staying at our hotel that you can use anytime you want. When you make the reservation, show this letter to the front desk and you will get the best room from Springview Hotel for free.


Thank you.



George Cooper


A lot of hotels send this kind of letter to their upset guests, and almost certainly the hotel will provide complimentary something, like free room or vouchers. It seems like normal, so there is this part written in the hotel apology letter to guest.



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