Attorney Resignation Letter Tips and Sample to Leave Job at Law Firm

Attorney Resignation Letter Tips and Sample to Leave Job at Law Firm

The bonus season is slowly approaching, and it is a common period for law firm associates to plan about their career moves. The time after holiday is where the lateral hiring reaches its peak, so there’s a high chance to find new job. Before that, you need to know how to write a good attorney resignation letter in order not to burn any bridge.

64 Attorney Resignation Letter

How Do I Resign from a Law Firm?

Resigning in person is the best and most professional options rather than via phone call or email. You just need to provide a notice to one person responsible – be it the supervisor or the law firm owner, by discussing the matter through the conversation in concise and brief ways.

How Do I Tell My Law Firm I Am Leaving?

You have to submit a formal resignation letter when you want to quit as an attorney. This way, the employer can have a formal notice about your leave from the company. This type of letter is often incorporated inside the employment contract and may affect several related things such as your employment insurance.

How Do I Write a Legal Letter of Resignation?

Here are the typical things to include in the notice letter:

  • The contact information of yours and your boss
  • The notice date, where you’re handing the letter formally
  • The reason of why you’re resigning, which might be as detail or as brief as you’d like
  • The last effective day of working there, typically in two weeks
  • The wrap up, containing gratitude or closing salutation

Why Do Associates Leave Law Firms?

The most common reason for law associates to leave their firm is apparently the toxic culture or working environment. According to a survey, just a shy of 20% workers in this field cite this reason as the main reason why they quit their job, instead of other problems such as the job being stressful or time demanding.

Sample of Resignation Letter for Attorney

Below is the sample of attorney resignation letter you may use as a template to write yours:


Dear Mr. Brown,

Please kindly accept this letter as my resignation from the Brown’s Associates Law Firm. It’s with a regret that I hand this notice, but I’ve been offered a position in another firm. The last day of my working here will be on January 16, 2020.

I feel this is the right time that I move my career in order to provide room to grow for me professionally and personally. I really treasure my time working here and I’m so grateful for all the experiences I gained and opportunities I’ve been given. I think now I’m already well-prepared to become leader and serve more clients in my future position.

I will make sure to do my best to help you, to make the whole transition period as smooth as it could be. I’d be more than happy to help the next person in duty for my prior positions and assist them for assignments and client communications. Please reach me at my office phone numbers or email that is attached within this letter to discuss the matter further.

Best regards,

John White


It is typically best to send the attorney resignation letter notice at least two weeks before the actual resignation date. However, this notice period may depend on the clauses in your employment contract as well.


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