How to Write Medical Necessity Appeal Letter Properly and Easily

How to Write Medical Necessity Appeal Letter Properly and Easily

A medical necessity appeal letter is often written by those who need medical assistance, especially when it comes to its expenses or money-related business. The letter is often addressed to insurance company or any institution covering medical expenses. This is the further information of the letter that you can use as reference.

46 Medical Necessity Appeal Letter

How Do I Appeal A Medical Necessity Denial?

It has to be done as soon as possible. You can use letter but it will be quicker and more efficient if you can do that using phone or email.

How Do You Write An Appeal Letter?

Write the information such as:

  • Your name and your insurance status
  • The hospital where you are hospitalized
  • Why the insurance is rejected

How Do I Write An Appeal Letter For Insurance Denial?

The best thing to do is to cool down first. Do not write the appeal in panic or in rage. You have to make sure that you have done absolutely everything to use the insurance but yet you cannot get covered. After that, write the letter explaining the whole situation.

What Is A Medical Necessity Denial?

It is a sort of reply letter issued by the insurance company or by the hospital. They refuse to give assistance in the medical expenses or medical treatment. There must be reasonable factors behind the decision

Sample of Medical Necessity Appeal Letter

It is hard to write something especially when you are already in pain. Use this example of medical necessity appeal letter to guide you and you do not even have to think of your own content.

October 6, 2020


Gerald Butcher

Parkland Health Insurance

Sparta 8 St,

Hayden, YH, 2917


Dear Mr. Butcher,

My name is Joanna Howe. I am one of the clients of Parkland Health Insurance. At this moment, I am at Hayden National Hospital and I am here because I have been diagnosed with severe migraine. I have to stay in the hospital for several days according to the paramedics.

At first I was not worried about the expenses as I know Parkland Health Insurance will cover most of them. However, just now the hospital staff informed me that the insurance cannot be used to cover my expenses here. Hence, this letter is my legal medical necessity appeal.

I would assure you that I am indeed in the hospital and I need the insurance to cover the expenses and bill. I have the right for that as I am still registered as a client of Parkland Health Insurance and I believe that I have never missed any insurance monthly payment all these years.

Please contact the Hayden National Hospital as soon as possible.



Joanna Howe


Having difficulties in paying medical expenses is very common these days and this is why such letter above is just needed. You have to make sure you write them well before sending it to the insurance company. The example of medical necessity appeal letter above is more than enough to help you out.


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