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Sample of Apartment Lease Termination Letter You Need to Know

Before emptying an apartment, surely you need to write an apartment lease termination letter to the landlords. The letter is to inform them that you are not extending the lease, and you won’t be living in the apartment anymore. Find out further information about the letter below and you can find an example of the letter, too.

4 Apartment Lease Termination Letter

How Do You Write a Letter to End an Apartment Lease?

To write the letter properly, you need to include these explanations in it:

  • State the day you will be leaving the apartment
  • State the reason why you need to leave the apartment

Can I Get out of an Apartment Lease I Just Signed?

Normally, you cannot do that. If the contract is already signed off, you will not have any other option than to live in the apartment. Terminating the contract is impossible to do, especially in a short time after the contract is signed off.

Can You Email a Lease Termination Letter?

Yes, email is very acceptable these days. Instead of sending the letter using postage service, it is possible to send the letter via email to shorten the time and make sure that you won’t spend any money in sending those letters.

How Can I get out of My Apartment Lease with a Roommate?

If the owner of the apartment and the roommate are both feel okay with the decision, you can definitely leave with them from the apartment.

Sample of Apartment Lease Termination Letter

For those who need the example of apartment lease termination letter, you can take a look at them below:

June 15, 2020


James Bird

Kellan 7 St,

Luther, GB, 2916

Dear Mr. Bird,

I am writing you this letter to inform you that I won’t be extending the lease of apartment 6A you own. This letter is the formal request to the landlord to terminate the lease by the end of the month. The contract of the lease is going to end by the 30th of June and I won’t be extending the lease.

The reason why I will vacant the apartment immediately is because my wife and I have recently bought a house. We have managed to save some money this year and purchase an affordable house in the area. This is why we won’t need to live in the apartment anymore.

I hope that you understand the reason. We will be moving out as soon as possible and handling the key back to you before June 30. If you need further information from me or my wife, you can call my cellphone at (2736)2816-1762 or you can email me at

Thank you very much for all your assistance so far. We really appreciate that.



Roger Johnson


Finding an apartment to lease these days are hard. However, if you do not need them anymore, you can simply leave the apartment but you need to send a letter to the landlord or landlady first. Take a look at the example of apartment lease termination letter above to help you write the letter properly.




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