Salary Acceptance Letter and Tips on How to Write the Letter Properly

Salary Acceptance Letter and Tips on How to Write the Letter Properly

A salary acceptance letter is often written by someone who have been in a job interview with a company. The letter is sent to inform the company that the person is accepting the salary offer and will be working there with the amount of salary paid to them.

5 Salary Acceptance Letter

How Do I Write an Acceptance Letter for a Contract?

You can do that by writing a well-written letter stating that you have accepted all the terms and conditions stated in the contract.

How Do You Respond to a Low Salary Increase?

Even though the amount of money is so low and you simply cannot accept that, you still need to do the rejection politely. Write them a letter asking for an increase first.

How Do You Accept Salary Offer via Email?

It is the same way as accepting the offer via postage. All you have to do is writing down the letter stating that you have accepted the offer and then mail them to the company.

How Do You Respond to a Low Salary Email?

If you are offered an amount of salary that you think is way too low or below your expectation, you need to do these steps:

  • Write the company a letter asking about the increase of the amount of salary. Do it properly
  • Check the minimum wages of the area
  • Consult with the human resources department of the company

Sample of Salary Acceptance Letter

This is the example of salary acceptance letter that everyone can use. It is simple, straight forward and easy to write as well:

July 28, 2020


George Paul

Human Resources Department

Cartney Company

Beat 7 St,

Lesley, YH, 2018


Dear Mr. Paul,

I am writing to you this letter to inform you that I have decided to accept the salary offer by the company. As we have discussed in the last interview, the company offers me salary of $90 per hour for a job as a clerk. With this letter, I declare that I accept the offer and agree with the amount of salary.

I hope with this agreement, I will be able to work at the Cartney Company as soon as possible. I was also informed at the interview that I would be receiving several other benefits aside of the main salary, including health insurance and a few types of allowance.

I do hope that I will get all of them once I start working at Cartney Company so that I can give all I have to work at my best there. If you need to contact me or speak to me in person, I will be ready at this email address or you can call me at my phone number (2917)2716-1826.

Thank you.




Ursula Friar


Those are some of the things you need to know about the letter. Make sure that you can write the letter as soon as you make the decision. Let the company knows your decision and you will be working there soon. Use the template of salary acceptance letter above and write the letter easily.





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