How to Write Good Apology Letter to Coworker with Sample

How to Write Good Apology Letter to Coworker with Sample

Everyone may mess up at some points during work, whether it is related to making massive data error, missing deadline, or having miscommunication with other employees. If you have made a mistake and looking for ways to fix it, try to write an apology letter to coworker.

160 Apology Letter to Coworker

How Do I Apologize to My Coworker?

Apologizing is one of the most important social skills, which especially crucial in workplace. A proper apology includes acknowledgment over the situation and willingness to improve things. By taking some thoughtful time, you’d be able to learn how to create the best apologies as it possibly can be.

How Do You Apologize for A Mistake Professionally?

Here’s how you can professionally apologize to your coworker:

Be sincere and mean it when you are apologizing

Own the mistake to show that you really empathize with how others’ feel

Avoid making excuse and make rationale instead to explain yourself

Suggest how to improve the situation and prevent the problem to occur again in future

How Do You Write An Apology Letter To A Coworker?

Below are guidelines to find the right wordings when you’re trying to write apology letter to coworker, whether you write it personally or behalf of the team:

Express the words sorry and own the mistake

Admit that indeed you’re wrong

Describe about the circumstances

Provide a plan to make the situation better

Wrap up by asking forgiveness

When Should You Not Apologize At Work?

While it’s true that apology is able to heal most wounds, it has potential to create problems too if offered unnecessarily. An unsuitable ‘sorry’ may damage your credibility or indicate that you carry responsibility where you actually do not. For examples, you shouldn’t apologize for giving opinion and constructive criticism, or in any scenarios that aren’t under your control or your fault.

Professional Apologizing Letter Sample

Below is a sample of apology letter by manager to one of the employee, due to showing improper act during meeting:

Dear Justin,

I apologize for my poor behavior during the morning meeting. I cut your presentation abruptly and give unfair and harsh critic in front of the entire team. I’m aware this is an unprofessional and disrespectful behavior. I’m currently affected by extreme stress over personal issue and I shouldn’t.

It’s always my intention to create the office where all the employees can express and share their ideas comfortably. I damage the work environment that I want to build by yelling publicly at you, moreover upon a minor error.

I will take steps to ensure that it won’t happen anymore. I’m starting to work on stress management so I won’t lose temper again. Again, I’m sincerely sorry for what happened. Feel free to reach me if there’s something you’d like to discuss further.


Mary Louis


Each apology will obviously vary in terms of content and method, to the recipient and the issue. However, you may take inspiration from apology letter to coworker above to create your own handwritten letter or email.


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