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Permission Letter for Traveling Child and Minors under 18 Years Old

It’s not always the simplest matter to travel with minors under 18 years old. It has variations of requirements and rules, depending on the children’s age, the traveling companions, and the reason of traveling. One of the requirements is permission letter for traveling child, which contains consent statement by their parents or pertinent adult.

21 Permission Letter for Traveling Child

Do You Need A Notarized Letter to Travel with Child?

When traveling by land, sea, or air within United States, typically providing birth certificate of the children would be sufficient. If the minors are traveling without legal guardians such as one or both of the parents, it may require notarized consent letter. It ensures the legitimacy of consent offered by adult for the traveling.

How Do I Write A Letter of Consent for Travel?

There is actually no standard or strict rule related to the travel consent letter for minors, but you may use examples that provided online. Well, the letter must inform who, what, why, when, and where the children are going to travel, along with their parents or legal guardians’ contact information. The more detailed the letter, the better it is.

Who Can Notarize A Travel Consent Letter?

The permission letter for traveling must be signed by:

One or both parents that are married, live together, or within common-law relationship.

One or both parents who aren’t live together, divorced, or separated.

One or more persons who aren’t children’s parents with rights of guardianship or responsibility of the children’s care.

At What Age Can A Child Travel Without Parental Consent?

The consent letter for travelling from parent or guardian is required for any minor under 18 years old. It is recommended for anyone under the legal adult age to carry the letter during traveling.

Sample of Consent Letter for Traveling Minor Under 18 Years Old

Here is a sample of permission letter for traveling child as a consent form from parents of minor that’s going to travel with the uncle and aunt:

To Whom It May Concern,

With this letter, we fully acknowledge that our son, David Anderson, is going to travel with his uncle and aunt, Richard and Sarah Anderson, starting from November 12 to November 19, 2020. They are going to have vacation and travel across the California and granted the permission to do so.

Kindly check the notarized signatures by us as the legit prove of the approval. Please reach us at the attached phone number in case there are any inquires related to the permission.

With this letter we have provided a copy of our son’s birth certificate and passport as well as form of verification. In the light of emergency cases, Richard and Sarah Anderson have rights to give decisions until we receive detailed notification.


Charles and Mary Anderson


The permission letter for traveling child’s content and format may be adjusted according to individual needs. You can easily find a sample online that provides blank letter form. You just have to simply fill based on your specific circumstances and information that need to be included.



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