Patient Termination Letter from Doctor to Patient Example

Patient Termination Letter from Doctor to Patient Example

A doctor can surely write patient termination letter. The letter is used to end the relationship between the doctor and the patient. The reason for the termination is a lot, including personal problems or the failure of the patient to show up at appointments. This is the example of the letter and more information about it.

167 Patient Termination Letter

How Do You Terminate a Patient?

Terminating a patient is something quite common, surprisingly, in medical world. Doctor and patient relationship is like any other relationship where sometimes they just do not work out. To terminate the patient, a letter will be needed as well as several forms and other paperwork.

What are the Legal Steps a Physician Must Follow to Terminate the Care of a Patient?

Usually there is no legal step to take. As long as the patient is not in a critical condition and they are not in serious series of medication, a doctor can transfer the care to someone else once they quit.

What Do You Say in a Termination Letter?

You just have to say the truth in the letter. There is nothing to sugar coat in a termination letter. State why you drop the relationship and why you cannot treat the patient anymore. It should make them understand.

Can a Doctor Just Drop You as a Patient?

Yes, they can. They have every right to choose who they will treat. Usually, doctors will only drop a patient for heavy reasons, including:

  • Personal problems, including offences
  • The patient needs further medication from other doctor
  • The patient missed a lot of appointments
  • The patient gets other medication and treatment without the doctor’s permission

Sample of Patient Termination Letter

This is a sample of the patient termination letter and the reason here is a personal problem.

June 1, 2020


Ursula Raymond

Duglas 6 St,

Kittyfield, LW, 2910


Dear Ms. Raymond,

This letter is to inform you that starting from June 1, 2020; I would not be your personal dermatologist. You can still use the help of “Beauty Lady Skin Clinic” to take care of your skin health, but not with me as the dermatologist.

The reason why I do not want anything to do with you anymore is because the insult you have said on my face yesterday. You said that the medication I gave to you to treat your acne problem were “not worth the problem”.

I was deeply offended by that as all my other patients have been taken the same path of medication and treatment. They do understand that there will be some times for the result to eventually visible. Apparently, you are just too impatient to do that.

Hence, I decided not to get associated with your treatment anymore.




Dr. Pamela Stan


Everyone should maintain a good relationship with people around them, including the relationship between a doctor and patient. However, if things are so toxic, and you cannot be around the people you dislike a lot, the patient termination letter above will help.




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