The Proper Maternity Leave Letter to Parents

The Proper Maternity Leave Letter to Parents

People who work closely with children are used to build communication with the kids’ parents as well to keep up with their progresses. However, at some points, they may have to leave temporarily for prepare to the coming of their own children, which is usually referred as maternity leave. In this case, it’s necessary to inform all the children’s parents a formal announcement through maternity leave letter to parents.

87 Maternity Leave Letter to Parents

What Do You Write in A Maternity Leave Letter?

Sending a letter related to maternity leave is a professional way to make sure that everyone that’s affected during the absence period won’t be left out. The letter itself should contain:

  • The pregnancy announcement
  • The beginning date of leave
  • The day of return
  • If there’s someone who serves as substitute to handle the children, then her/his name must be included.

How Do I Write A Maternity Leave Card?

A maternity leave letter to parents may be formatted to address the parents of children individually or in general. It depends on the sender’s personal preference. Just like other work-related document, it must be written formally and use proper grammar with concise wordings.

How Do I Ask for Extended Maternity Leave?

Sometimes, an extended maternity leave period will not only benefit the pregnancy bearer, but also the employer and other employees, because it makes sure that they work on optimum condition. However, it must be considered how the responsibilities of leaving employee and workflow will carry on. It’s critical to find the best way so the company won’t be too impacted by the absence.

How Do You Wish Someone A Good Maternity Leave?

If you are the one who’s going to wish well upon someone’s maternity leave, then you may simply include your hope for the person to be blessed with safe pregnancy and childbirth, as well as for the baby to be healthy. If the pregnant person is someone close to you, then you may write the letter to more personal.

Sample of Maternity Leave Letter to Send to Parents

Read the sample of maternity leave letter below which addressed to parents:


Dear Parents,

Through this letter, I want to bring happy new for you about my pregnancy. I’d also like to inform about my maternity leave which start on December 7, 2020 and my plan to return on February 8, 2021.

During my absence, the class will be managed by Mr. Anthony Connor. He is a teacher who has bachelor degree in education program. I’m sure some of you have already know, even familiar with him, as he has presented as my substitution several times in the past.

I’ll be happy if you’d contact me during the maternity leave if you have any inquiries. You may call or send me an email through the contact information I attached with this letter. I look forward to my return, working with the children and seeing you again in the future.


Catherine Lee


Notice how maternity leave letter to parents explain the news and situations of the sender. It also provides about the person who will substitute their work during the absence period.



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