Writing the Proper At-Will Termination Letter

Writing the Proper At-Will Termination Letter

There are many things causing companies to fire their employees. One of them is being the harsh economy that affects the company’s well-being. There are also terms in employment, such as at-will employment and at-will termination. What is it and why should employer write an at-will termination letter?

35 At Will Termination Letter

What is an At-will Termination Letter?

At-will termination letter is a letter issued by the employer in order to terminate the employment at any time and for any reason. It can be said that this letter serves as the official notice that someone is terminated from their current job.


Are Most Employees At-will?

Unfortunately, yes. It is mentioned that almost three-fourth of the U.S. workers are at-will employees. Someone is not at-will had he/she signed an employment contract which provides job security. Let’s say, if it is a two-year contract, then within those two years you are not an at-will employee.


Do I Have to Write a Termination Letter?

Well, in most states, such termination letter is not required legally. Even if the state you are living does not require this letter, writing this letter helps to get an impression that this is an official notice of termination.


How Do I Write a Termination Letter to an Employee?

  • First, identify to whom the letter will be delivered. Write down the employee’s name, position, and department.
  • Write the name of person in-charge of such termination.
  • State the termination in a concise and respectful manner. Don’t forget to include information regarding paychecks, severance, etc. that the employee deserves.
  • Write down any company’s properties you want him/her to return.
  • Recheck the letter before you send it.


At-will Employee Termination Letter Sample

Below is the sample of at-will termination letter. If this is your first time writing this letter, you can take a look at this sample, note some important things to write, and start making yours.


[Write date, recipient’s name and job title here]


Dear Mr. Ian,


Along with this letter, we intend to tell you that per today, December 21 2020, we are terminating your employment with the company. We are sorry that your dismissal is at-will, meaning that the company ends the employer-employee relationship without any reasons. This at-will termination letter serves as the official notice regarding your termination.


According to our records, you have the following properties in your possession: a laptop, a company debit card for fuel expense, company letterhead, as well as your employee ID badge. Kindly return these items in good condition within the next three (3) business days.


Your final monthly paycheck is enclosed with this termination letter. This also includes all unpaid commission and benefits you deserve during your work with this company. In addition, you will be mailed regarding the severance pay details, your eligibility for XX insurance and other payment related things.


If you have any questions, you can call me or send an email at rfrank@business.com. I wish you the best for your future endeavors.


Best regards,

Frank Robinson

Employee Supervisor


That is how to write an at-will termination letter. The aforementioned sample can be customized according to your needs.


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