A Simple Thank You Internship Letter

A Simple Thank You Internship Letter

Writing a thank you internship letter is always a great idea to express your gratitude to a supervisor after you complete an internship under his/her sponsorship. In addition, the letter is a professional way you can use to maintain your relationship with the company. In some cases, the letter also helps to open a chance for a future paying position.

213 Thank You Internship Letter

Should I Write a Thank You Letter After an Internship?

For many, internships are the first step in developing a career that’s right for you. To show your professionalism, you can’t just leave without thanking your supervisor and all the people you’ve worked with. Writing a thank-you letter for all the lessons and experience you have gained during the internship is a must thing to do.

How Do You End an Internship?

Here are the simple tips when your internship program comes to an end:

  • Let your supervisor know when you will be leaving
  • Ask your colleagues if they are qualified to act as references
  • Finish all the tasks that have assigned to you
  • Compose a thank you letter for the internship and hand it to your employer

What to Write in Thank You Letter After Internship?

Here are the important things to include in a thank you internship letter:

  • Be sure to include a phrase of “thank you” in the letter
  • Include specific things you have learned and all the valuable experiences you have achieved during the internship
  • Provide your contact details so that your employer and co-workers you worked with can stay in touch with you

How Do You Thank Someone for an Internship?

Express your appreciation and gratitude for the opportunity the company has given to you. Also, the letter after an internship should be concise without having to include irrelevant information. Sending the letter can indeed be a stepping stone for your career opportunity. Even so, you should not directly ask for a vacant job. It will make you seem like you are expressing gratitude just to gain something.

The Sample of a Thank You Internship Letter

Dear Mr. Gideon,

I would like to thank you for giving me a rewarding opportunity to work as a digital content writer intern at ABC Media. Over the past three months, I have gained uncountable yet valuable insights into the digital content writing field.

Since you gave me the chance to work on a range of tasks, I had a valuable opportunity to observe many different content writing aspects, from writing for websites, to compose captions for social media posts. You and your colleagues were very supportive and humble and gave me excellent job advice.

This three-month internship undoubtedly strengthened my interest in a content writing career. I would like to keep in touch, and if possible, I would also like to speak to you about what I should do in the near future to achieve my dream career. Once again, thank you so much for a rewarding three months.

Best regards,

Vicky Hogan


That’s all about writing a thank you internship letter. Important to keep in mind: do not ever include false compliments.

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