Sample and Writing Tips of Resignation Letter from Church Position

Sample and Writing Tips of Resignation Letter from Church Position

People who work at the church or other organizations to be fair, come and leave. They may no longer stay due to different reasons, but the fact is it’s not entirely rare for them to leave their position at church. If this has become a case for you, you have to write a formal resignation letter from church position to explain your decision and situation.

39 Resignation Letter from Church Position

How Do You Write a Resignation Letter to a Church?

So, what exactly is resignation letter from church position? It is a formal writing piece that inform about someone’s intention to leave certain position at the organization. Typically, it’s written to church leader or pastor. The letter must explain the logistics, but also carry sentiments and cover the well wishes for all the churchgoers.

How Do You Write A Resignation Letter for A Pastor?

Just like any resignation letter, yours should include context and important details related to your leave. Here’s what to put within:

  • The planned date of departure
  • The reason behind your leaving
  • The plans you have during transition period

Should You Put Reason for Leaving in Resignation Letter?

There are some circumstances where it makes sense to reveal the reason behind your resignation. For instances, you have to move abroad or focus on taking care of your kids. However, it should also be noted that in most cases, you don’t have to share the resignation reason in details.

How Do I Leave Church Gracefully?

For most of church members, making decision to leave is already heartbreaking enough, especially if they have invested a lot of their energy, time, and money genuinely for the church. Prior to making the final decision, it’s better to talk to other church friends and the leaders to help you consider.

Sample of Church Position Resignation Letter

Here is a sample of letter to resign from a position in church.


Dear Mr. (Name)

I’m writing this letter to inform about my decision to resign assistant clergy in the Door of Hope. It has been an immense blessing for me to serve the congregation for the last three years. I pray that everyone here, including you, will be granted of health and prosperity.

The reason of my decision is based on my wife’s situation, which currently has been given a chance to attend graduate school in Brown University. It has always been her dream to take higher education in her program. It would be unfortunate and regretful for her to pass this opportunity, even though working at Church has been given me a sense of belonging and purpose.

In order to make the process of my leaving smoother, I’d leave my contact below. I thank you once again for the chance to cater to this wonderful Church. I’ll always include you and the rest of congregation in my future prayers.

Yours faithfully,

(Your name)


It could be hard to find the right words to express your leave. In case you’re looking for the proper way to inform your departure, you may take inspiration from the resignation letter from church position above.


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