Sample of the Non Profit Board Resignation Letter

Sample of the Non Profit Board Resignation Letter

Most people join nonprofit board with dreams and hope to create differences. They are happy to deliver their duties and provide service to the communities while fulfill terms of the board. However, sometimes it’s possible that the members need or want to resign before the term is ending. In this case, it’s best to express the wish formally through writing non profit board resignation letter.

63 Non Profit Board Resignation Letter

How Do You Resign from A Non Profit Board?

Resigning yourself as member of a nonprofit board most probably will affect the other board members, the directors, and the rest of organization. While there are several proper and acceptable ways to deliver your resignation news, sending a letter is one of the most practical and convenient method to do so.

How Do You Write A Letter of Resignation From An Organization?

Letter of resignation is a written announcement that’s used to inform about someone’s intention to quit their position. The main purpose of writing non profit board resignation letter is to create a formal form of notice as well as to show courtesy. You can tell about the reason behind your resignation within the letter and express your gratitude and wish for the organization before you officially leave.

How Do You Write A Resignation Letter for A Non Profit?

Here are some tips to write resignation letter for nonprofit organization:

  • Write in professional format
  • State when you are going to resign clearly
  • Explain the reasons behind your resignation briefly
  • Express your gratitude for the experience and propose your wishes for the organization to do well through their endeavor

When Should You Leave A Nonprofit Board?

There are generally two reasons why people would leave a nonprofit board. It’s either the board is no longer need them or they no longer need the board. If you encounter one of these two situations, then it’s best to end the association with the board in neat, professional, and amicable way.

Sample of Resignation Letter for Non-Profit Organization

Read a sample of simple yet professional resignation letter below.


Dear (Name)

With such a deep regret I write this letter to inform about my decision to resign Art and Craft Foundation board members, one week from now on.

I have another commitment outside of the board that I worry that I won’t be able to fulfill the responsibilities of my position here. That’s why I feel it’d be the best if someone is able to offer their energy and time for the organization.

Being a member of Art and Craft Foundation has been huge pleasure for me. During my time here, I’ve witnessed wonderful accomplishments and there’s no doubt the success will continue.

Please don’t be hesitant to contact me if you need any assistance upon filling the position.

Yours sincerely,

(Your name)


Non profit board resignation letter is a formal written piece, so it still must have professional tone. Lastly, don’t forget to double check for any grammar errors or spelling before you finally send the letter.




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