What Should I Write in Apology Letter for Mistake at Work?

What Should I Write in Apology Letter for Mistake at Work?

Doing mistakes is normal, even an ‘employer of the year’ has the mistakes too. However, the difference between two error doers (the professional worker and not-so-professional worker) lies on their willing to write an apology letter for mistake at work.

202 Apology Letter for Mistake at Work

What is the Content of Apology Letter?

A formal apology letter typically should contain the detail of your mistakes. This letter should also have how you’ll go with the work in the future to avoid committing to the same mistakes again. Make it sincere, but don’t use too flowery words.

How Do You Write an Explanation Letter for a Mistake?

The point is to take full responsibility for your mistakes. Try not to frame someone else into your mistake and clearly apologize for doing such inconvenience to the employer.

Can I Apologize through an Email?

You can send the apology letter for mistake at work via email, but it’s way more professional if you hand it in yourself. Therefore, the apology feels more personal and showing that you are truly regretting your wrongdoings.

What Should You Do after Writing an Apology Letter?

Before handing the letter to your supervisor, have a moment to rethink why you did the mistake. But, don’t let your emotions to sadden you too deep, which inhibit you from moving on and seeing chances to be better.

Apology Letter for Mistake at Work Sample

Dear Ms. Kim,

I cannot say how much I am sorry for ruining the venue reservation for Ms. Adele and Mr. Timothy. This mistake had caused you and the team staff many problems. It was actually an avoidable mistake had I been detailed and focused while handling the reservation. I apologize for all the incidence I brought up, and I wish I can pay the team’s hard work due to the inconvenience I caused.

One of the most pivotal aspects of our job in this wedding organizer company is to be focused while handling client’s event. As an organizer, we are also supposed to be thoughtful to prepare for the things needed in the event. I was ill the time I committed the mistake, which I guess to cause my focus to wander away. Luckily, the whole team, especially you reacted fast once I told the problems. I cannot thank you more for that.

I will make sure the mistakes will not be repeated again in the future. I will be extra careful while handling the reservation and not to ruin the team’s great hard work anymore. I really love my role as one of the wedding organizers staff here as I can let my creativity flow freely while also getting the opportunity to mingle with great people. Therefore, I plead you to keep my name on the staff list hence I can keep working here.

I understand that my letter will not pay great amount to reduce the inconvenience you had while helping me fix the problem. However, I will try my best to give my best effort on our future projects. Thank you for your time, cooperation, and consideration regarding this matter.

Sincerely yours,

Rachel Schwartz


HQ Wedding Organizer


That is how to write an apology letter for mistake at work. When you are guilty for a mistake in your workplace, writing this letter can help to save your face and to redeem for your guilt. Therefore, although it’s not compulsory to write this letter, it’s highly recommended to show your employer that you are willing to continue working for them.




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