Making a Scholarship Application Letter

Making a Scholarship Application Letter

Having a scholarship is great, but not everyone is granted the chance even though you have fulfilled all requirements asked. Many variables play as the determiner of you be granted a scholarship, one of them is having a nicely written scholarship application letter. If you still have no idea how to write it, it is a good thing that you are here. This article will tell you how to write the letter.


What Is the Scholarship Application Letter?

Shortly said, it is an introductory letter explaining that you are interested in applying for the scholarship granted by the committee. It also explains why you should be their ultimate candidate to be granted their scholarship.

When is the right time to write a scholarship application letter?

Well, it depends since different scholarship has different deadline. However, it is best to make it far before the deadline to make the best of your letter. That way, you will also have enough time to reread and revise it as much as you want.

How Do I Write an Application Letter for a Scholarship?

An effective scholarship application letter should briefly mention your personal and educational goals. Before making your letter, it is important to understand well what purpose the letter is intended for. Let’s say, you are writing the letter to be granted the chance of admission in a certain institution. The content will be different from the scholarship letter intended to get tuition fee coverage or such.

How Do I Write a Reason for Applying Letter for a Scholarship?

Below are things you need to emphasize in writing a scholarship application:

  • Highlight your ‘power’.
  • A clear, relevant future plan.
  • Your manner in writing the letter. You should convey the message in a flowing yet made concise and clear manner.

Sample of Scholarship Application Letter

[Write the recipient name here]

To whom it may concern,

My name is Lily Smith and I am in my senior year at UOP University located in Texas, USA. Have there been no hindrances, I am expected to complete my study in Midwifery next year. I found this Chevening Scholarship chance through the committee’s website. After reviewing the requirements thoroughly, I believe I am suitable to be awarded the scholarship.

I was an associate midwife back then when I realized that in many public health services; ‘the ear extinction’ could be felt real. ‘The ear extinction’ term that I made refers to how oblivious health care personnel are to listen to the patients’ condition. This made me confused – because in school, I learned how to facilitate patients to cope with their pain, both physically and mentally.

Reforming nurses’/midwives’ services to be more perceptive to the patients’ mental well-being is one of the reasons I applied for this psychology course. I also want to transfer what I know regarding psychology towards nursing/midwife students.

Enclosed below are my application for the Chevening Scholarship Award along several required documents; including my transcript, resume, and letters of recommendation. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Lily Smith


That is how to write a scholarship application letter. You can enhance and customize the text based on your condition. Plus, you can mention some of your positive traits on the letter as well.



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