Daycare Termination Letter Sample and Guide to Write One

Daycare Termination Letter Sample and Guide to Write One

Finding a reputable daycare provider to leave your children with is hard enough, let alone finding out that the current service you trust provides the dissatisfying care. In this case, you have to cancel the agreement with provider to make sure your children receiving the best care, by using daycare termination letter. Learn how to write one in the following.

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How Do I Write A Letter to Terminate A Daycare?

Here’s how you can write a proper termination notice:

Write in the opening your intention of sending the letter and your children’s names

Write out when the termination will take place between you and the daycare provider

Write in brief the reason of why you choose to terminate the contract

Include your contact information in the last paragraph

How Do I Terminate A Daycare Contract?

Follow some tips below to make the termination process with the daycare provider easier:

Speak directly to the owner or director of the daycare

Write a formal notice

Keep your conversation or wordings to be positive

Always be honest

How Do You Put in A Two-Week Notice for A Daycare?

There is actually no law, whether in state or federal level, that require you to provide two-week notice in prior before terminating the service. It’s mostly done by people as an act of courtesy. Providing early notice such as daycare termination letter two weeks in prior also helps to preserve relationship in professional level between two parties involved.

How Do You Write an Email to Terminate A Service?

Just like most termination letter should be written, start the letter by providing your full name, your contact details, and the recipient information in the head of letter. Inside the body of the letter, write exact reason why you choose to halt the contract and write out the last date your kids will visit the daycare.

Sample of Termination Notice for Daycare Service

In the following is a termination letter sample for daycare provider:


Dear Mrs. Heather,

I write this letter to let you know my wish to terminate daycare services that currently you provide for my twin children, Emma and Evan Collin. I’d like to terminate the service start effectively on November 17, which allows two-week prior notice, following the contract.

My company has decided to transfer me to a branch in another city, so I don’t have choice but to switch to another daycare. I should find another one within reasonable distance to my new branch for my twins.

My family has enjoyed the services that your daycare provides for the last one and half years. If you have any inquiry or question to discuss, please don’t hesitate to reach me on my personal contacts, which I attached with this letter.

Best Regards,

Michelle Stewart


You may have signed a specific contract with the daycare according to the agreed terms and conditions that must be followed, which reflected on the sample of daycare termination letter above. Regardless of what the specifics are, it’s always better to oblige them, and make an effort to end the relationship on a good note.



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