Format of One Week Notice Resignation Letter

Format of One Week Notice Resignation Letter

Resigning is a right of every worker. However, it is important to follow the rule in the company. This is to show that you are a professional who is subject to the rule. In case of resigning, typically someone will have to write a two-week notice before resigning. However, how if you only have just one week before your resignation date? Is it still needed to write a one week notice resignation letter?

192 One Week Notice Resignation Letter

Can I Give One Week Notice of Resignation?

A typical resigning worker should give their employer a two-week notice before leaving their position. If your case happens to be less than two weeks, it means your leaving will be considered as short notice.

Every company has their own rule regarding this matter. You can consult your supervisor or asking it directly to the HR department.

How Do I Write a 1 Week Resignation Letter?

It is the same as writing a two-week notice of resignation. However, since your case is special, it is better to disclose your reason in the letter. Also, it is advised to consult your manager beforehand before deciding to write the letter.

How Do I Write One Week Notice Resignation Letter?

Use your company’s letterhead

Always make it professional – let it be the wordings and the formatting. Having a grammatically perfect letter is great; as well as having it neatly typed and formatted.

Explain why you write the letter (state it clearly that you are resigning one week from the written date)

Tell the reason and mention the effective date of your resignation

Express your gratitude for the consideration and cooperation

Is It OK to Send Resignation Via Email?

It is advised not to send your impromptu resignation, or the one week notice resignation letter via email. It will appear as if you are downgrading the letter’s urgency. Plus, it seems like an unprofessional act. However, if your company permits this, then you can go with this method.

One Week Notice Resignation Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Andrew,


Along with this letter, I want to inform you about my resignation from this company, Alpine Communications, which starts December 7, 2020. I was recently accepted in another job opportunity which I need to start eight days from now. Therefore, please accept this letter as my official resignation notice from Alpine Communications. I apologize that my step-down from the position may cause much inconvenience for you and the team, given that my resignation is impromptu.


I will try my best to make the transition much smoother and also, I promise to finish all the undone tasks. If needed, I am also willing to train the replacement personnel. Therefore, the responsibilities transfer can be done much easier. Have there been any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at (998) 9087768 or email


Working in Alpine Communications has given me all priceless experience and I strongly believe that these experiences will give me great benefits for my future endeavors. Though I am a little saddened to quit this quick, I will miss all co-workers I have in this company. I wish you all continuous joy, health, and success.


Thank you for your consideration and cooperation regarding this matter.


Sincerely yours,

Susan Morris

HR Staff

Alpine Communication


That is how to write a one week notice resignation letter. Keep your letter concise, error free, as well as clean from wordy sentences.


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