How to Write Preschool Teacher Recommendation Letter

How to Write Preschool Teacher Recommendation Letter

When someone is going to apply for certain job position like preschool teacher, you’d need letter of recommendation. You may be a person that they asked for to write a reference which would be used to help them during hiring process. Here’s how you can write an impactful preschool teacher recommendation letter as best as possible.

40 Preschool Teacher Recommendation Letter

What Should Be Included in a Teacher Recommendation Letter?

Follow these tips when writing letter of recommendation.

  • Format the letter professionally
  • Mention your qualifications to recommend the person
  • Refer to the applied position by the recommended person
  • State the notable character traits, skills, and accomplishment they have
  • Share you contact information such as e-mail or phone number

How Long Should a Teacher Recommendation Letter Be?

Letters of recommendation shouldn’t take more than five minutes to read and assess. Thus, the appropriate word counts would be about 400-500 words. Make the letter easy to read by properly break the points into paragraphs accordingly.

What Are the Qualities of a Good Preschool Teacher?

Below are some of the most common qualities of good preschool teachers:

  • Passionate: The teachers must be interested in exploring new methods to teach and reach the children and is looking forward to work on daily basis.
  • Patient and approachable: A great preschool teacher should understand that toddlers often create accidents and make mistakes – and that they should be handled with patience without being phased of minor issues.
  • Loving: The most important quality of preschool teacher is probably to love the students, so they can genuinely motivate the children to enjoy the learning experience.

How Do I Get a Teacher Recommendation?

You have to find suitable people to create the recommendation for you. The key is to find and select someone who’d be enthusiast to write you a preschool teacher recommendation letter. Do ask first if the person you pick is comfortable to give recommendation, to prevent a weak letter of recommendation.

Recommendation Letter Example for Preschool Teacher

Take a look at the sample of recommendation letter for preschool teacher in the following:


To Whom It May Concern,

With an honor, I’m going to provide recommendation for Ms. Isabella Scott, who has applied to be a preschool teacher in your district. I am her former senior colleague who works in Appletree Preschool and Kindergarten for 9 years.

I can confirm that she has the needed qualities to teach children. Moreover, she has two years of experience during her dedicated time here in Appletree. During those years, she has shown nothing but admirable patience, kindness, and the knowledge to guide her students.

Ms. Scott has taught children from three to six years, in different subject such as basic language and mathematic skills. She has willingness to devote to given tasks and ability to adjust to new atmosphere in the classroom.

Thank you in advance for all the given consideration.


Emily Robert


Doing preparation far in advance to get or write preschool teacher recommendation letter is always advised. That way, you can get a better crafted letter without being in rush.


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