How to Write a Proper Appreciative Resignation Letter and Sample

How to Write a Proper Appreciative Resignation Letter and Sample

Resignation itself is a tough process to go through, especially if you truly enjoy the job because it allows you to grow and develop relationships on professional and personal level. In this case, you need to write appreciative resignation letter that’s able to reflect your sincere cherishing for the time you work for the company.

107 Appreciative Resignation Letter

How Do You Express Gratitude in a Letter of Resignation?

It is important to be able to clearly express yourself when you resign from a position that has allowed you to work and grow with people that influence you positively. You’ll want to make sure that you give sincere gratitude for the relationship and the work environment, as well as invitation for continuing communication and willingness to offer support for them in the future.

How Do You Write a Polite Resignation Letter?

Regardless of how long you worked in a certain position at company, it won’t guarantee you to get great amounts of experiences and grows. Nevertheless, you still have to show your appreciation for the opportunity to work there in tactful way.

You don’t need to sugarcoat things in your wordings, just simply state your resignation, the effective date, and explain the reason briefly. It’s also good if you mention things you enjoy to learn during your time there and gratitude for employers and coworkers.

How Do I Professionally Resign?

Here are some tips to resign in professional way:

  • Do it in person, if possible
  • Comply with company’s resignation rules
  • Try to keep it positive
  • Preserve your status quo until the resignation date

Can I Email My Resignation Letter?

Sometimes for some people, turning in resignation news in person isn’t possible due to the circumstances. If this is the problem that you encounter, then you may opt for the last resort, which is to email your appreciative resignation letter. It’s a less preferable method, but still acceptable.

Sample of Appreciative and Professional Resignation Letter

Here is a sample of resignation letter that’s written in appreciative way:


Dear Mr. Carter,

I’m writing you this letter to notify about my resignation on next month. The last day of my work here will be on January 12, 2021. Even though I really enjoy working here for the company under your supervision, I think it’s the right time for me to bring my career into fresh direction.

I wish you accept my offer of the biggest gratitude, as well as my appreciation of the coworkers that have helped me a lot during my time here. You’ve given me valuable insight and assistance of our field. Whether it is on professional or personal level, I’ve learned a lot and I’ve considered you as a mentor.

Lastly, I really hope that despite of my departure from here, we can keep in touch. I look forward to where we meet on somewhere on the future path.

Yours Sincerely,

Michael Spencer


Feel free to use and customize the appreciative resignation letter based on your own experience and culture in your company. Then, all that’s left to do is following the company’s typical resignation procedure to submit the letter.


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