Retirement Letter to Clients Examples and Important Details

Retirement Letter to Clients Examples and Important Details

Writing retirement letter to clients is like informing to the people you are working with that you have decided to retire from your job. A lot of people retire because they are already closer to the age of 50 or 60, so they feel they have done enough jobs throughout their lifetime. This is how you write the letter.

144 Retirement Letter to Clients

How Do You Write a Letter of Retirement to a Client?

The letter should be written way before your last day at work because a client will expect their project to be done before the time. Write the letter properly and explain that the job will be finished by the time you retired.

How Do You Tell Your Clients You are Retiring?

Retirement is someone’s right. You do not have to be afraid of telling a client that you are retiring and your place will be filled by someone else. All you need to do is write down the letter, and address the letter to the client explaining the retirement.

Who Do You Address a Retirement Letter to?

The letter can be addressed to several parties, including:

Client from other companies to whom you have been working with.

Human resources department in your company

Your direct supervisor

Clients and team members in your company

How Do You Write a Letter to a Client?

It depends on who the client is. If you know them personally and you have good terms with them, the letter does not have to be strictly formal. It will be easier to read and they should understand the decision of your retirement easier as well.

Sample of Retirement Letter to Clients

The sample for the retirement letter to clients is the one below:

October 2, 2020


Anthony Stone

Stone and Son Company

Highland 5 St,

Fling, TG, 2010


Dear Mr. Stone,

This letter is to inform you that I have decided to retire from my job as product supervisor in Jacksonville Company. My decision means that I won’t be available to finish the project between Stone and Son Company and the Jacksonville Company.

My decision of retirement is based on the fact that I am pushing 60 years old and I have several problems with my health. I am terribly sorry that I won’t be able to finish our project together but I am sure that Jacksonville Company will send someone else to stand on my shoes and finish the project with you.

If you need anything, please call me immediately. I would love to help in providing details and information about our project before my retirement. I hope you understand my decision and I wish that both companies are always going to be in a good term.


Gerard Field


Most people do not expect to receive a formal letter announcing their retirement. However, if you have to write it correctly, all you have to do is using the example above. It contains the right structure of the job, and you may want to follow it in order to write down a really good retirement letter to clients.



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