How Do I Write Resignation Letter Due to Stress?

How Do I Write Resignation Letter Due to Stress?

Resign from your occupation can be a taxing task, especially if the reason for your decision is because of the excessive pressure from your current job. It may make you unable to function correctly at the office and decline in your own health. The ideal way to handle this issue is by drafting a resignation letter due to stress, and hand it to your boss.

143 Resignation Letter Due to Stress

Can I Resign Due of Stress?

Yes, you could. If your work causes excessive pressure that it’s starting to influence any aspect of your life, then it’s the right time for you to consider leaving your current position. You can discuss it first with your employer before drafting your formal resignation letter.

Can I Resign with Immediate Effect Due to Stress?

In most cases, employees cannot resign from their current position due to stress with immediate effect. Suppose you have been working for more than a month. In that case, you need to give a resignation letter to your employer two weeks before you officially leaving the job.

How Do You Write a Resignation Letter Due to Stress?

When you write a resignation letter due to stress, the letter must cover relevant details to describe your decision. However, it’s also essential to maintain how you deliver your sentences regardless of how emotional you are when drafting the letter.

How to Resign for Mental Health Reasons?

Here are the points what you need to include in a resignation letter due to mental health issues:

  • Express your appreciation and gratitude to your supervisor
  • Mention the specific date of your last day at work
  • Highlight that you still want to work at the company, but your situations make you unable from doing so
  • Briefly explain the mental health issues that make you have to leave

The Example of a Resignation Letter Due to Stress

Leaving a job is an overwhelming process, especially if the reason for your decision is your own mental health issues. If you have no idea how to compose a professional resignation letter due to the pressure you are experiencing, here is an example.


Dear Mr. Green,

With great regret, I am sending this letter to officially let you know that I will be leaving my current position at DG Group. I thoroughly enjoy working with you in this esteemed company. Unfortunately, the condition of my mental health should come first.

It is not an easy decision to make, but after having a consultation with my physician, he advises the same option. Therefore, I have no choice but to do so. The long working hours and the demanding projects making the stress I have been suffering from becoming more unbearable that it hinders me from completing my tasks.

I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for your leadership throughout the last three years, and I deeply regret this inevitable decision. Thank you for all the valuable experience we had together.

Yours respectfully,

Kenneth Starling


In writing a resignation letter due to stress, make sure you avoid any personal statement and giving too much information regarding your mental health issues.


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