Making the SAP Appeal Letter Properly

Making the SAP Appeal Letter Properly

SAP appeal letter is often written by those, especially students, who received financial aid in their educations. Nothing comes from free, including financial aid like scholarship. They come with conditions and one of the conditions is to maintain good grades. The statement about the grade is often written in SAP letter. This is the example of the letter.

216 SAP Appeal Letter

How Do I Write a Good SAP Appeal Letter?

The letter must be written carefully and you need to make sure that it contains everything that you need to explain. If the grades are not good at all, you have to explain (in details) why the grades and failing and mention your attempts to salvage the grades.

Do SAP Appeals Get Approved?

Well, they do most of the time. SAP appeal often gets approved as long as there is a legitimate reason in there. Simply write the appeal letter the way it is and do not fake anything. The university or any institution giving the financial aid for the education will understand for sure.

What is a SAP Appeal Letter?

SAP stands for Satisfactory Academic Progress. This is usually a letter to inform the giver of your financial aid about the grades. The letter is important because:

  • It informs the progress of the study
  • It informs the grades of the one given a scholarship

How often is SAP Appeals Approved?

It usually depends on the institution or university giving the financial aid. However, most of the time, the appeal will get approved as long as the reason is making sense.

Sample of SAP Appeal Letter

This is one of the best samples of SAP appeal letter. Use the sample and write the letter as easily as possible.

May 8, 2020


Dr. Thomas Cooper

Oakland 7 St,

Kellan, FB, 1017


Dear Dr. Cooper,

I am writing to you this letter as my SAP (satisfactory academic progress) appeal. I am aware that in order to keep my Bachelor’s Degree scholarship, I have to maintain good grades and progressing in my classes.

However, a few months ago, I was involved in a car accident, causing me to get hospitalized for more than three months. Hence, I was missing a lot of classes and missing the final exams of the semester, too. This is why my final grades are not really satisfying.

For that reason, I would like to inform you that the university has approved for my remedies this semester. I will re-take all the exams and hopefully the effort can salvage my GPA. I also hope that my Bachelor’s Degree scholarship will not get revoked for the low grades from last semester.

Thank you and regards,


Ashley Call


For those who have never written the letter before, the example of the letter displayed above should really help getting the job done. Make sure that you follow the structure and content of the SAP appeal letter so that you can write the letter easily, even though when your grades and not satisfying at all.



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