How to Write Resignation Letter Due to Relocation Properly?

How to Write Resignation Letter Due to Relocation Properly?

When you have to write resignation letter due to relocation and you have no idea why, the example below can be the helping hand for you. Use the information and example to write down a proper letter to resign due to relocation.

85 Resignation Letter Due to Relocation

How do I Write a Resignation Letter for Moving?

The only way to write resignation letter due to relocation is the right way. This is what you should write in the letter:

  • The information about the relocation
  • The reason behind the relocation
  • The would-be final day at work

Is Relocation a Good Reason for Leaving a Job?

Yes, it is a very strong reason to leave a job, especially when you are about to move out of state. It is very impossible to commute or travel back and forth for a job when you are not even in the same city, let alone state.

Can I Change My Mind after Resignation Letter?

It is hard to do that, especially when the letter is already processed by the human resources department. Think everything through before sending the letter.

How Do I Resign a Gracefully Letter?

Just write the reason the way it is and your letter should be good to go.

Sample of Resignation Letter Due to Relocation

This is the example that you can use:


June 1, 2020


William Lane

Human Resources Department

Finn and Barney Restaurant

Jackson 2 St,

Prank, HU, 2018


Dear Mr. Lane,

I am writing to you this letter to inform you that I have made the decision to resign from my job as a server in Finn and Barney Restaurant. The reason behind my resignation is because I have to move back to my hometown, Chuck, Atlanta, by the end of June.

Since Atlanta is out of state, it is quite impossible to keep the job here and commute. As for the reason why I have to move back home is because my little sister has been in car accident recently and there is no one to take care of her but me.

My parents have been long deceased and we have a very few relatives who still live in Atlanta. I hope you understand my situation and approve the resignation. I will try my best to do the rest of my job until June 24, 2020 which will be my last day working here.

I am thankful for all opportunities given to me during my three years of working here. It has been a blast working in this restaurant and I terribly sorry that I have to leave the job to go back home. If you need anything from me or ask me anything about this resignation, I will be ready to come talk to you in your office.


Thank you,


Oscar Johnson


It is very hard indeed to leave a job and the reason is because of relocation. However, if you have no other choice, the only thing you can do is writing the resignation letter due to relocation letter as shown above.


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