Writing Resignation Letter after Maternity Leave Professionally

Writing Resignation Letter after Maternity Leave Professionally

Resignation letter after maternity leave is somehow significant to express your willingness to resign from your company and focus on family matters. It can be defined as a letter you need to submit to the manager after investing energy with your baby. This letter indicates the choice you make to leave your work.

58 Resignation Letter after Maternity Leave

Can I Resign After Maternity Leave?

If you choose not to return, you should give the notification period expressed in your agreement or concurred with your manager. Turning into a parent may make you re-examine your life. In case you understand that getting back to your part following maternity leave will not the ideal alternative, you can compose a renunciation letter to your boss.

How to Tell Your Boss You Are Not Returning from Maternity Leave?

Writing a professional resignation letter after maternity leave will become imperative to compose and send a renunciation letter to your boss after maternity leave. Sending the letter shows your demonstrable skill and ability to stay on an excellent footing with your boss.

How Do I Write A Resignation Letter For Maternity Leave?

This letter indicates the choice you make to leave your work obligations. It has to be brief, extensive, and significant. This makes it simpler for your manager to check and comprehend. In addition, the letter can clarify your explanation behind leaving, appreciation for the chance, and any subsequent stages to facilitate the change cycle.

How Do I Resign when on Maternity Leave?

Just write your reason in polite and professional words. Some people may choose not to re-join the employment after maternity leave because they have to focus on the family. In other hand, you may choose to leave because of the motivations for paying for child supervision costs, the need to remain at home with the youngster, or seek an alternate open position.

Resignation Letter after Maternity Leave Sample 

Dear Mr. Morris,

To such an extent, you understand, I had been on maternity leave at Sinzo Limited, Inc. for as far back as about a month with my re-visitation of turn out planned for February 24, 2021. However, in the wake of really thinking about the circumstance, I think it is the best decision for my kid and my colleagues at Sinzo Limited, Inc., if I resign from my position to think more about my family. I value your comprehension of my arrangements not to return of work in February.

I would gladly aid the finding or potentially prepare of my substitution in any capacity that I can. If any conversation concerning this is required, or if you have any inquiries, you will be able to reach me by email at yoojoo@email.org.

I am grateful to the Sinzo Limited, Inc. for the extraordinary experience and participation I got in recent years. I will miss everybody at the workplace.


Yours truly,

Yoo Ju Kim


The resignation letter after maternity leave can redesign your business structure and build trust in conclusion stand separated among various contenders. A convincing underwriting letter will have the choice to clarify cleaned expertise and brace your application.


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