Sample and Format of Volunteer Recommendation Letter

Sample and Format of Volunteer Recommendation Letter

When you hold a position of leader in a nonprofit organization, at some points, volunteers may request you to write a recommendation letter for their favor. They might ask for volunteer recommendation letter for different reasons, but regardless of what it is, you can learn how to craft one by reading the guide below.

25 Volunteer Recommendation Letter

How Do I Write a Letter of Recommendation for a Volunteer?

Read some key tips to write letter of recommendation here:

  • Use the format of formal standard business letter
  • Explain about your relationship with the individual regarding their volunteer work
  • Write out the positive traits or skills that you’ve observed from the individual
  • Wrap up the letter by including ways to reach you such as e-mail address or phone number

What to Include in a Letter of Recommendation?

Recommendation should include clarifying content about who you are, what connection you have with recommended person, why you think they are qualified, and what skills they have shown you so far. It is best to be as specific as possible with the latest point.

If you write the volunteer recommendation letter for a job opening, then make sure you put information about how the recommended person’s skill will be beneficial for the applied job position.

Who Can I Use as a Reference for Volunteering?

If you’re the person looking for a reference, then you should look for someone who understands and view your skills, characters, and work ethics positively. It’s a good idea to ask from someone who has supervisory role upon you such as teacher, coach, professor, prior employer, and more.

How Do I Write a Letter of Recommendation for Someone?

Here are some tips to write a recommendation letter for someone:

  • Put focus on the volunteer work and applied job
  • Describe how you met and how long have you known the recommended person
  • Explain on detail specific traits and skills
  • Give your contact information

Sample of Recommendation Letter for Volunteer Work

Take a look at the following sample to get idea about how to craft a proper letter.


Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. (Name)

I wish you to accept this recommendation later for Amelia Brown as a part of your community organization. She has an extremely responsible character and has served well to our organization as volunteer.

Ms. Brown has passion of volunteer works. She also carries wittiness that makes her as ideal candidate for non-profit organization of yours. Besides being able physically and intellectually, she always loves to serve in volunteer hours when needed. It is safe to say she is by far, is amongst the best asset of our organization and I hope she also becomes for yours.

It is sure that Ms. Brown will be missed here. However, it’s also important that she grows as person and try new challenges in new places. If you ever need to ask or discuss something, feel free to contact me at attached phone number or e-mail address.


(Your name)

(Your position at the organization)


The tips and sample below can be used to create powerful volunteer recommendation letter. You may send the letter to help volunteer get the applied job or being accepted in program.



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