The Last Minute Resignation Letter Sample and Detail Information

The Last Minute Resignation Letter Sample and Detail Information

Writing last minute resignation letter is something that no one wants to do actually. It is like very harsh to leave a job in a sudden, especially when you have a lot of things to finish. However, things happen, and sometimes you just have to resign in such a short notice. This is the information about the resignation letter, so you won’t make things worse.

83 Last Minute Resignation Letter

How Do You Write A Last Minute Resignation Letter?

The letter should contain the apology for quitting in such short notice. Then, the letter must explain the real reason behind the resignation. It will help clear things up.

How Do I Resign Immediately?

The first thing that you have to do is inform your supervisor. The supervisor will then pass the information to the human resources and lastly, you write the letter addressed to the human resources department.

When Should I Quit My Job Immediately?

There are several situations where you are allowed to quit suddenly. They are including:

Family urgency

Health reasons

Harassment at work

Toxic work environment

Is It Better To Resign Before Being Dismissed?

Yes, it is actually so much better to resign before you get dismissed. Being dismissed is going to be staining your record and you have to put up with it being on your CV, permanently.

Sample of Last Minute Resignation Letter

This is the example of last minute resignation letter just in case you need one. This letter is written by an employee who has to resign in such a short notice because of family reason.

October 20, 2020


Victoria Kidd

Human Resources Department

Hour Cleaning Factory

Pin 87 St,

Master, DA, 0197


Dear Mrs. Kidd,

I am terribly sorry to inform you that I have decided to quit my job as an electrician in Hour Cleaning Company. I am fully aware that the company has two-week notice policy but I have no other choice than to quit the job in two days. This is such urgency and I have to quit the job as soon as possible.

The reason that I quit the job is because my brother got involved in a car accident yesterday. He is in critical condition and he will be transferred to a hospital in London, England because that hospital is the only one with the surgery facility my brother desperately needs to save his life.

The doctors inform me that my brother will be staying in the hospital for at least a year if he makes it through the surgery. This is why I practically have to move to London as well because I am the sole caregiver of my brother. I am very sorry for this sudden resignation and I hope the company understands my current situation.



Logan Mason


That’s the thing about this letter which you need to know. It has everything already, starting from things to write to the example. You can use the information above to make sure you write a good last minute resignation letter that will be accepted by the human resources department.


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