The Legitimate Resignation Letter Due to Illness

The Legitimate Resignation Letter Due to Illness

Writing resignation letter due to illness is a must. When your body is failing you and the health is decline, you should not be working anymore. Instead, you have to be at home or in the hospital to nurse yourself back to health. The example of the letter can be found here along with other information about the letter.

207 Resignation Letter Due to Illness

How Do I Write a Letter of Resignation due to Illness?

Illness is a legitimate reason to quit a job. This is why when your reason to quit is illness; simply tell the truth in the letter and your request to quit is definitely going to be approved.

How Do I Quit My Job for Medical Reasons?

Most companies will approve resignation letter when the reason is health-related. However, some of them request the soon-to-be former employee to attach doctor’s letter. Contact your doctor or hospital to get this letter.

How Do You Write a Letter of Resignation for a Heartfelt?

Any resignation letter (based on good reasons) will have its “heartfelt” part for sure. These are several things that you can do:

Make sure that the reason to quit the job is legitimate

Show that you are sorry to leave the job

Make a promise to finish all your duties and responsibilities before leaving

Can You Resign While on Sick?

Surely, you can. Even when you are on sick leave or you are not physically at work, you can send the resignation letter to inform that your health condition is going south and you won’t be able to resume your duties at the workplace anymore.

Sample of Resignation Letter Due to Illness

This is the example of the resignation letter due to illness that you have been looking for:

November 12, 2020


Yannis Timo

Human Resources Department

Elle Pharmacy

Jillian 6 St,

Axel, GF, 2158


Dear Mr. Timo,

I am writing to you this letter as my formal request to resign from my job. I currently work in the production department at Elle Pharmacy and I have been doing the same work for almost a decade. However, my recent situation forces me to quit my job.

The reason for my resignation is because my health is failing. A few months ago I was diagnosed with severe bloat of the stomach. The illness often causes me to vomit, experience frequent nausea and headache. It affects greatly on how I do my job here.

This is why I have decided to quit and I will focus in nursing myself back to health. My last day at work will be on November 30, 2020. Before that, I surely will transfer my knowledge and duties to my fellow team at the production department.

Thank you for understanding.



Amanda Lee


There is no way that someone can work with the best effort when they have illness and feel unwell all the time. This is why when you have health problem that torments you at the workplace, write the resignation letter due to illness, and you have to get out of there as soon as possible.




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