Guide and Sample to Notice of Lease Termination Letter from Landlord to Tenant

Guide and Sample to Notice of Lease Termination Letter from Landlord to Tenant

As a landlord, there might be inconvenience event at some points where you have to terminate the lease of your tenant. There are several possible reasons, such as violation over the lease terms; the property is not going to be rented for monthly basis anymore, or your personal plan to renovate the place. In this case, you have to write a notice of lease termination letter from landlord to tenant.

154 Notice of Lease Termination Letter from Landlord to Tenant

What is a Lease Termination Letter?

The letter of lease termination is a notice to inform the end of lease or the end of monthly renewal for the lease. It can be written by either the landlord or the tenant.

How Do You Write A 30 Day Notice To A Tenant?

The main point and the most important information that must be included in lease termination letter is when the lease is going be effectively terminated. As the landlord, you should inform the exact date to the tenant that they are expected to leave your rented property. That’s why you must prepare it far in advance and deliver the notice in timely manner.

How Do I Write A Notice To End A Tenancy Agreement?

Here are some of the basic pieces of information that should be included within the lease termination letter:

  • The landlord’s name
  • The tenant’s name
  • The detailed address of rented property
  • The date of termination
  • The brief reason behind termination
  • The letter’s author’s signature

If you leave one components of the essential information above, it’s possible that your notice isn’t considered as official or proper notification by the court judgment if ever the termination case is brought to that point.

How Can I Evict My Tenant Without A Lease?

Sending notice is the only requirement to remove tenant from your rented property if they don’t have legal-binding lease. Writing a notice to request the tenant to quite is a formal way to inform them about the date when they should leave the property.

Lease Termination Letter for Tenant Example

Below is a sample of notice of lease termination letter from landlord to tenant that’s written in formal way to inform that you won’t be extending or renewing the agreement:

Dear Ms. Sarah Paul,

I write this letter to send to regretfully notify you that I should cancel the lease agreement of the house that you’re currently renting at 4593 Owen Lane, Kentucky. This unfortunate decision is taken because I’m going to turn the property into commercial building. I don’t intend to renew or extend the agreement, and I request you to vacate the property no later than February 10, 2020.

I will send the deductions that you have made on your mail security deposit to the address in maximum two-week period from now on. I ask and thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

Thomas Lee


You may use the format of notice of lease termination letter from landlord to tenant that rents any types of property, be it houses, apartment units, offices, or studios. Make sure that you double check all the information included to prevent possible miscommunication in the future.




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