How to Write a Maternity Leave Letter

How to Write a Maternity Leave Letter

Maternity leave is part of parental leave which is specialized for female workers. It is widely known to be used after they give birth, but it may also include the prenatal period. Usually, to ask for a leave, a worker should send a maternity leave notice to their employer. This article below will cover the topic how to write a maternity leave letter as well as giving a sample of it.

36 Maternity Leave Letter

How Long is Most Maternity Leave?

Well, it depends to the country where you are living but most working moms ask for maternity leave for around 10 weeks. Some may write their maternity leave letter asking for 12-week leave from work, and it is fine as far as your employer agrees with your intention.


What Do You Write in a Maternity Leave Letter?

To make this letter, you will need to write you intention to take a parental leave due to your condition (pregnancy). You will also need to define when you are taking that leave, for how long, and the exact date you plan to come back if there are no complications.


How Do I Notify My Employer of Maternity Leave?

Along with your maternity leave notice, you need to provide a legal/official statement from your health care practitioner or obstetrician mentioning that you are pregnant. The written notice should also be made long before you start the leave. Some employers set a rule to ask for maternity leave at least four weeks before your leave, but your employer’s rule may differ.


How Do I Ask for Maternity Leave?

  1. Use professional (formal) language.
  2. Follow the maternity leave rules set by your company (if any)
  3. Explain the duration of leave days, the cause, and when you will resume working
  4. Apply long way before the starting day of your leave to avoid inconvenience.


Maternity Leave Letter Sample

Here is a sample of maternity leave letter from an employee to inform her employer about her 12-week off work.

[Write the recipient’s name and job title, date]


Dear Mrs. Wong,


Along with this letter I hereby intend to inform you the news of my pregnancy, as well as my intention to take a three-month (12 weeks) maternity leave. Attached with this letter is my medical form stating my obstetrician’s confirmation about it.


I plan to begin my maternity leave seven weeks from today on November 25, 2020. Therefore, have there been no complications, I will return to work on February 15, 2021. I will endeavor to finish any responsibilities that take place from today until my intended day to leave, and so to put my best effort to make up for my absence when I return.


I appreciate your consideration in this matter as I need to take this leave in order to focus on preparing the baby’s birth as well as my recovery. If there are any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone on (223) 9909389 or email:


Thank you for your cooperation and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Yours sincerely,

Anantha S.

[Job title]


That is how to write a maternity leave letter. It is simple, but make sure to create one that is zero-error, clear, concise, and not wordy. Plus, always remember to use professional wording and avoid improper grammar.




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