What Should You Write in Retirement Letter to Boss?

What Should You Write in Retirement Letter to Boss?

Saying goodbye to such a kind colleague due to retirement may not be easy for some, especially if that kind-hearted colleague is your own superior/boss. It is not common to write letter these days, but if you are retiring, why not saying goodbye to your boss by writing a retirement letter to boss? That way, the parting words will be more personal.

43 Retirement Letter to Boss

What Do You Write in a Retirement Letter to Your Boss?

To write a retirement letter to boss, listed below are the things you should have:

  • Give the date of retirement
  • Show gratitude for being your boss
  • Mention your boss’ characteristic that inspires you
  • Offer a help
  • Show personal wish toward your boss, such as a wish to continue the friendship, etc.
  • Give out the contact information.

Do You Write a Letter of Resignation When You Retire?

A retirement letter is not compulsory, but it is advised to write it. Moreover, it is a polite way to write a letter if you are retiring.

When Should You Tell Your Boss You are Retiring?

Well, it depends. Typically, you should tell your retirement plan to your boss three weeks before your intended date to retire. However, if there is a certain provision about that, it is better to follow the rule of your company.

Tips on Writing a Retirement Letter

When writing the retirement letter, use professional tone despite writing to a boss close to you. Avoid misspellings and grammar errors while writing such letter.

Retirement Letter to Boss Sample

Dear Mrs. Angeline,

I am writing this letter with an intention to inform you about my retirement plan which is effective per January 1, 2021. This letter will also serve as my official letter of resignation. I really enjoyed working for this company and I could not be happier for that, although there were, indeed, ups and downs.  I am sad that I have to leave this wonderful workplace, friendly colleagues, and excellent boss like you.

For the last 8 years, I have enjoyed working for the company under your lead. I should tell you that your management style really inspires me – it is not bossy or too loose. It is empowering and encouraging me to always do better each day. Within my years of service, I learned so much especially from you in terms of handling work and personal issues.

I understand that the company is currently facing important project and I have no desire to leave you and the company stranded. Within these interim days before my retirement, I am willing to help you with anything I can do to help the company achieves the utmost goals for the project. This will include doing any unfinished tasks as well as interviewing and training the replacement personnel.

Please do not hesitate to call me on my phone (989) 333526 or via email josephinem@xmail.com have you had any inquiries or questions regarding my retirement. I would like to continue our already-established friendship; maybe by having dinner together with our families or having a picnic on your day off. I would love to treat you too before the date of my retirement as my personal gratitude.

Thank you for your cooperation and consideration regarding this matter. In addition, thank you for being a good boss.


Josephine Martinez

HR Manager

Swanlake Co.


This is how to write a retirement letter to boss. It is very easy to write that, and make sure to apply the tips above to write an appropriate retirement letter.



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