How to Write Union Resignation Letter Easily?

How to Write Union Resignation Letter Easily?

Writing down union resignation letter is a mandatory thing to do when you have to leave the union. People joined a union because they have found a lot of people in there sharing common thing with them, including hobbies, thoughts, and many more. When you have to leave them, what to say in the letter? This is the example of the letter and other explanation.

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How Do I Write a Letter of Resignation for a Union?

Writing the letter is quite easy, especially when you know how. Some of the most important parts of the letter are including:

  • The part where you explain why you leave
  • The part where you state that joining the union was an excellent time for you

Can You Resign from a Union?

Surely, you can. Most unions are not legally binding institution where you cannot leave for some reasons. As long as there is no signed off contract, you can leave the union anytime you need it.

What Happens When You Resign from a Union?

There is no particular punishment or risk of leaving a union. However, if the union is intended for something good and fun, there is nothing that is supposed to happen after you leave.

How Do I Write A Simple Resignation Letter?

Any resignation letter is supposed to be simple. When it gets too long, the letter will most definitely become boring and no one will get the point. A simple resignation letter states the reason behind the resignation and mentioning the good time you have experienced during working there.

Sample of Union Resignation Letter

For those looking for the union resignation letter sample, this is one example that you can use all the time:

June 30, 2020


Gillian Pale

Oswitch 7 St,

Lillian, TB, 2018


Dear Mr. Pale,

I am writing to you this letter to announce my resignation from the union of Lillian philately. It has been a great ten years that I have joined the union but unfortunately all good things must come to an end.

I have to leave the union because I will no longer reside in Lillian by the end of July. My wife is relocated to Texas and the rest of my family, including me, has to follow her there. I also have found a new job in Texas.

This is why I do not have other choice rather than to leave the union of Lillian philately. It is very hard for me to do this as finding a group of people sharing the same interest as me in collecting precious stamps is not easy at all.

I wish you are all well and continue the philately hobby.



Hubert Jim


After writing the letter, you can leave the union easier. There is no way that you can do it without the letter. The letter is like a formal resignation, and that you leave the union for solid reason. This is why you should always remember how to write the union resignation letter like explained above.




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