Should You Write Angry Resignation Letter?

Should You Write Angry Resignation Letter?

Writing an angry resignation letter is usually done by an employee or worker who cannot just stand things anymore. There are many types of bad things that can happen at work, and most of the time they make a lot of people losing their temper. This is the information you need to know about the letter and the example of it as well.

52 Angry Resignation Letter

How Do You Resign From A Hostile Work Environment?

 There are several steps you can take to get out of a hostile working environment. They are including:

  • Stay calm and contact the human resources department
  • Explain them about the source of the hostility
  • Ask for the resignation and leave the company

Can You Write A Negative Resignation Letter?

If you have planned not to ever coming back to the company, you can write a letter as angry as possible or as negative as it can be. However, it is better not to because your reputation is on the line, after all.

Why Do Bosses Get Angry When You Resign?

It depends on many things including the reason of the resignation itself and whether you do it too suddenly. This is why you have to plan for the resignation as early as possible.

How Do You Write An Emotional Resignation Letter?

It does not have to be emotional anyway. You just have to explain the point why you left and it is enough for the letter to be sent to the human resources department.

Sample of Angry Resignation Letter

This is the example of angry resignation letter. It probably sounds really angry but at some point, you have to let the feeling out and it often shows through the letter

June 17, 2020


Leonard Leaky

Human Resources Department

Blue Jay Company

Jackson 7 St,

Hofstader, YY, 7213


Mr. Leaky,

Through this letter I would like to announce my resignation from my position as manager in Blue Jay Company. I am very disappointed in this company and I will never spend a day again here. This company has brought me to lose my temper.

The reason why I was really upset with the company is the fact that the board of director has decided to hire someone to co-work with me without even asking me if I need one. This is the last straw of everything and I just simply cannot take this anymore. 

I am leaving the company by June 30. I have two weeks to finish everything up and then I will walk away from this company as soon as I can. This should be a lesson for everyone in the company to enhance communication before making any decision.


Sheldon Cooper


Even when you are angry or upset, you need to make sure the letter is well-written. Make sure you know exactly what to say, and then explain it on the letter. The tone is probably a little bit harsh, but when you are angry, the angry resignation letter should show it all.

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