How to Write Teacher Resignation Letter to Principal with Sample

How to Write Teacher Resignation Letter to Principal with Sample

Teacher resignation letter to principal is a formally written notification used by someone who work as a teacher, but want to let go of their position. For whatever reason they turn in the resignation, it’s best to send official information about the matter as soon as possible, so the institution or academy can have enough time to find replacement.

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How Do I Write A Letter of Resignation to My Principal?

The resignation letter must state the intent to resign, the exact date when the resignation turns effective, and a brief explanation of why you are leaving. Express your gratitude and appreciation during your teaching time there.

Chance is, if you wish to work as teacher in other school, you’ll ask the principal for reference so it’s good to maintain a positive professional relationship.

How Do I Write A Letter of Resignation as A Teacher?

Here are several things to include if you want to write and submit teacher resignation letter to principal:

The date when the letter is written

The name of current school

The date when resignation become effective

The brief reason of resignation

The gratitude upon teacher position

The signature of resigned teacher

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Even if you only write a short reason of your resignation, make sure that it is valid enough to be written in the notice letter. You should also pay attention of notice period, which must be in sync with the employment terms and agreements in the school organization.

Can You Reverse A Resignation Letter?

Sometimes it’s possible that you regret the decision to resign and want to reverse it. Unfortunately, the decision to retract resignation lies entirely on the employer, or in this case, the principal. It’s best to prepare yourself for unwanted scenario. If the principle rejected your retraction, then you have to leave the work obediently.

Sample of Resignation Letter of Teacher

Read the sample of resignation letter written by a teacher during mid-term below:


Dear Mr. Thomas,

I hope you accept this letter as the official notice of my resignation. I have decided to resign from my position as Biology Teacher in Clinton High School for grade 10-12 by the end of this term, or June 30th to be exact because I have to focus on taking care of my children.

I will work as hard as I can to help you find and train my replacement during transition period, as I want to make sure that the learning processes of students aren’t affected negatively. I have completed my lesson plan until the term’s end and have prepared all the necessary teaching material. To help prepare the incoming teacher, the student files will be updated soon.

It’s been a great privilege to work here for the last four year. I’m really grateful for the experiences and opportunities.

Yours sincerely,

Katherine Lee


Notice how the teacher resignation letter to principal above is written in concise and straightforward language without being too detailed. The letter also uses positive and professional wordings.



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