Thank You Resignation Letter to Boss Example and Inspiration

Thank You Resignation Letter to Boss Example and Inspiration

A thank you resignation letter to boss is usually written by employees who leave their job with heavy heart. A lot of employees have great relationship with their boss and supervisor, making leaving the job extra heart-wrenching at the end. This is the example of the letter as well as several questions that often being asked with it.

41 Thank You Resignation Letter to Boss

How Do You Write A Thank You Letter To Your Boss In Resignation?

This is how to write a proper one:

  • State your reason behind the resignation
  • Write the gratitude to the company and the boss
  • Wish the company well

How Do I Resign A Gracefully Letter?

To resign gracefully, you must make sure the reason why you leave the job is acceptable. It means you do not do anything too severe to get you fired or forced to leave the job.

How Do You Respond To A Resignation Boss?

If this is the boss that is resigning, you can response the letter by stating thank you for everything and that you are very sorry for the resignation. It will make the boss feels appreciated in general.

How Do You Thank Your Boss?

Thanking your boss can be done in so many different ways, starting from writing this letter to bring them gifts. In addition, make sure you pick the gift considered appropriate and useful for the boss.

Sample of Thank You Resignation Letter to Boss

Writing the letter is surely hard, especially when this is the first time you ever attempt to write one. Use this thank you resignation letter to boss example below to help you out:

October 20, 2020


Lawry Lewin

Lewin Watch Company

Oliver 7, St

Cromwell, HH, 2152


Dear Mr. Lewin,

This letter is to confirm that it is indeed my decision to resign from my position here at Lewin Watch Company. I would like to express my gratitude here through this letter for all the chances and opportunity you and this company have given to me all these years.

I have been working here since 2012 and it has been a great 8+ years so far. However, I really have to move to other city and I cannot commute every day and thus keeping this job is impossible. I am terribly sorry to leave the job and the company altogether.

Again, Mr. Lewin, thank you for everything that you have done for me. I have learnt a lot while working here and I would never forget about the kindness and generosity of this company to me and my family. I wish you all the best luck and hopefully we will remain in contact and being able to meet at some point in the future.




John Damon


There is no doubt that writing letter to boss is hard in general. It gets even harder when you write the letter informing that you are leaving. To avoid any mistakes in the letter, you must use the correct structure. It can be seen on the thank you resignation letter to boss example shown above.




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