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Still Interested in Job Letter Best Example

A still interested in job letter is often written by those who have been in a job interview, but have not received a word back from the company. The letter is sent to express the interest in the job, and that the applicant is still waiting for the call. Learn more about the letter here.

125 Still Interested in Job Letter

How Do You Say You are Still Interested in a Job?

You just have to state the job is pretty much your dream job and you want it so bad. Write it in positive tone, and in formal words.

How Do You Write a Letter of Interest for a Job?

Write the letter the way it is. State that you are very much interested in the job and would love for a further interview.

How Do I Express My Continuous Interest in a Job?

To write the letter and express your interest, you need to pen the letter and state that:

You would like to have an update on the application

You are the right person for the job

You would like to meet the person you addressed the letter in person

How Do You Write an Email That Says You are Interested in a Job?

Email is basically the same as letter. So, you can use the template or the example below to write down the letter.

Sample of Still Interested in Job Letter

The example of the still interested in job letter should be found here:

July 19, 2020


Sarah Finn

Human Resources Department

Cool Clothing Company

Upper 36 St,

Fingerland, JJ, 2917


Dear Mrs. Finn,

My name is Simon Holland and I am writing to you this letter to express my interest to the marketing supervisor position in your company. I have submitted my job application a few weeks ago and I have been called for interview about a week ago.

However, I have never since heard from you since. I do believe that I am still very much interested in the job as it has been my passion to work in the marketing industry, especially in companies that produce and sell clothing materials. This is why I am writing to you this letter as I would love to get to the next step of the job application.

I have a Master’s Degree of marketing from Fingerland University and my overall GPA is 3,2. I have been working as marketing staff in several different companies before and I do believe that I have the perfect experience and needed skill to be a great marketing supervisor in your company.

If you like to call me to discuss my application, I will be ready for that. Please call me at (2819)2910-1983 or via my email address at I will appreciate the call and I will look forward from hearing from you soon.



Simon Holland


It is already hard to find a job these days. When you get the chance to get an interview, you must show an interest to it constantly. Write the letter to express that you are pretty much committed to the job and you want the job badly. Writing a proper still interested in job letter will enhance the chance of you getting the job.


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