IT Manager Recommendation Letter and Related Things You Need to Know

IT Manager Recommendation Letter and Related Things You Need to Know

Writing IT manager recommendation letter means you will be giving suggestion to someone or some companies about a person who can be potentially trusted as IT manager there. This is a very important position and you have to make sure that you write the recommendation letter well. For those who need further information about the letter, it should be found below.

28 IT Manager Recommendation Letter

Can I Ask My Manager for a Letter of Recommendation?

If you have quite a good relationship with your manager, surely you can ask for any types of recommendation letter. However, you have to be fully aware of the risk, including when you are currently looking for a new job before even resigning from the office.

How Do You Write a Recommendation for a Supervisor?

It depends on who you are. However, most of the time, a letter of recommendation will be written by those who have higher position. So, if you are a manager, it is possible to write the letter to recommend a supervisor.

How Do You Write a Short Recommendation?

Make sure these points are included in the letter:

The person being recommended

Why this person is recommended?

How can you contact this person?

How Do You Start a Recommendation Letter?

Start the letter by introducing who you are. Those who are reading the letter will be more convince if the letter is written by someone who really has the capability of writing one.

Sample of IT Manager Recommendation Letter

This is one of examples for IT manager recommendation letter that you can use. The content is simple, yet straight to the point.

June 11, 2020


Randy Jones

Jones Computer Store

Humbug 6 St,

Julian, TR, 2017


Dear Mr. Jones,

I have heard that you are currently looking for a new IT manager for your store, Jones Computer Store. With this letter, I would like to make a recommendation. I suggest you to hire Mr. Laurence Carl. Mr. Carl is the former IT manager in my own store back in 2017.

Today, Mr. Carl has informed me that he is also currently looking for a job in Julian area as he planned to relocate there. I assure you that Mr. Carl is the best person for the position. He has been working in the IT department for almost a decade, making him knowledgeable and very great at handling a lot of IT problems.

If you are interested in Mr. Carl, I would like to give you the contact information of his. Mr. Carl can be contacted at (1726)1860-1725 or via email and I am sure he will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you and regard,


Simon Farrell



It is not so hard to write the letter. However, you have to write it well to make sure the letter looks legitimate, and everyone reading the letter can trust the content of it immediately. Do not forget to use the example of IT manager recommendation letter above, and there is no doubt that you will write the letter properly.




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