Guide to Write Resignation Letter Due to Health Problem with Sample

Guide to Write Resignation Letter Due to Health Problem with Sample

If you are planning, or hear about someone who wants to leave a job due to medical reason or health reason, it must be a decision that wasn’t made lightly. Well, the reason has risk and implications on physical, financial, and even social areas. Knowing how to compose a proper resignation letter due to health problem may ease up the process a bit.

215 Resignation Letter Due to Health Problem

How Do I Resign Due to Medical Reasons?

Here are components that must be included in the letter:


Resignation statement and last effective day

Brief reason for resigning

Gratitude and wishes


Can You Resign Whilst on Sick Leave?

Essentially, employees can resign at any time. However if they want to resign during sick leave, then they still need to provide a proper resignation letter and a notice so the dismissal can be done appropriately.

Is Burnout A Good Reason to Quit?

Burnt out is a valid reason to quit a job. If you are currently feeling exhausted or burnt out due to the job that you cannot bear anymore, then it may be the best to leave it. Burnout has also been classified as legit medical diagnosis by International Classification of Diseases (ICD).

How Do I Explain Leaving A Job for Health Reasons?

If you start to look for another job after your health problem is resolved, then the employer may ask about it. You don’t need to explain your illness in detail, but you need to disclose it as a reason. You also need to respond to potentially branched off questions about the topic.

Sample of Resignation Letter Due to Medical Reason

Here is a resignation letter due to health problem that you may follow the format from:

Dear Mr. Robinson,

With a deep regret I must send you this resignation letter. By December 2, 2020, I will no longer be able to work here as front desk receptionist.

I have noticed significant changes both in my professional performance and personal life, as I feel easily exhausted, decreasing productivity, and sudden pains in many occasions. Thus I paid a visit to a doctor and I was diagnosed with chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis, which has caused me aches and pains.

I don’t want to impact the company negatively by my decreasing performance, that’s why I should take this decision. I also discussed it with my doctor and he said it might be the best option for me for the time being.

I truly cherish my time working here – it gives me satisfaction, wonderful coworkers, and even friendships. I wish to stay in touch with them regardless of my decision.

Do let me know if I can give help during the replacement period. Thank you for the opportunities. I only wish the best for the company.


Theresa Hall


You may share about your resignation resign as little or as much as you want in the resignation letter due to health problem. The most important thing is to follow the proper procedure of leaving your job according to the contract or company’s regulation.


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