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Medical Permission Letter for Child Example and Information

Every parent must understand how to write medical permission letter for child. This is like the most mandatory letter or form from the school. It is given to parents whenever the school is going to have a trip or program that requires the child to go outdoors. Here is the full information and example of the letter.

123 Medical Permission Letter for Child

How Do You Write a Medical Consent Form for a Child?

To write the letter, you must write it down honestly. If the child has special condition such as allergy, write it the way it is. Meanwhile, do not give the permission for the kids to join the trip or occasion if it will be hard for them.

How Do You Write a Medical Consent Letter for a Minor?

Medical consent is not only for child but for teenagers as well. As long as they are under 18 years old, which is considered as minors, their parents have the right to write down the consent.

How Do I Write a Letter of Permission for My Child to Travel?

You only need to write the fact. If your kids need particular medical action, just write the information as detailed as possible. There will be example here for you to follow.

What Should a Medical Consent Form Say?

The medical permission letter for child should mention several things, including:

The health problem of the child

Allergies and special needs of the child

Who to call when something happens

Sample of Medical Permission Letter for Child

This is the example of the letter:


May 7, 2020


Ursula Dunn

Fairland Elementary School

Jackson 3 St,

Mitchellfield, UG, 2919


Dear Ms. Dunn,

I am writing this letter to you to give medical permission for my daughter, Megan Button, to join the school trip on May 10, 2020 to Logan Park and Farm. I do believe that my daughter is in perfectly healthy condition that won’t cause her, or anyone, any problem during the trip.

My daughter has no serious health issue. However, she is lactose intolerant, so you need to make sure she is not given any foods or beverages with dairy product in it. I will pack her own lunch and snack for the trip so that the teachers and staff won’t have to do it for her.

If anything goes wrong during the trip and my daughter needs medical help, you can contact her pediatric. The pediatric that has been treating my daughter since she was a baby is Dr. Tamara Lee. She works at Nashville Hospital and she can be contacted at (2719)3819-1827.

Before phoning her pediatric, make sure you also contact us as her parents. My cell phone number is (2817)2819-1827. You can also call Megan’s father/ my husband/ Mr. Francis Button at (2017)717-9192. Thank you very much for understanding and we do hope you all have a great trip.



Reggie Button


Parents must not take this letter for granted. The letter is like the permission to let the child mingle with everyone and join a trip. If the child is not in great health, do not write the medical permission letter for child and keep the child at home, safe and sound.


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