How to Write Termination Letter Due to Poor Performance Properly

How to Write Termination Letter Due to Poor Performance Properly

The termination letter due to poor performance is given to employees to basically inform them that they are fired from the job. Poor performance has massive impact to the whole company. It is like a chain effect where one person doing bad job will ruin everything. This is why they need to be terminated. This is the example of letter to tell them so.

61 Termination Letter Due to Poor Performance

How Do You Terminate an Employee Due to Poor Performance?

The only good way to do so is to sending this termination letter due to poor performance. Make sure that the letter has:

  • The reason for the termination
  • The information of the payroll and benefits
  • The human resources department contact

How Do I Write a Termination Letter for Poor Performance?

The key to write the letter properly is to do it straight away. State the clear reason why the employee is getting fired from their job. Also, make sure that the decision has been agreed by the board of director as well so that you can write that in the letter.

Can I Be Sacked for Poor Performance without Warning?

Sure you can. A lot of companies do not tolerate poor performance and they often get rid of employee with poor performance at moment notice. They do not have any previous warning before the firing.

How Do You Write a Reference to Terminate an Employee?

The reference can only be written by someone in higher position. The letter is like an ace in a stack of card because when there is a reference, it means that the performance of that employee is really poor indeed.

Sample of Termination Letter Due to Poor Performance

For you who need the examples, here is the example of the letter you can use.

April 3, 2020


Finn Howard

Portland 6 St,

King Highland, TH, 1738


Mr. Howard,


This letter is to inform you that you have been terminated from your position as graphic designer in Nash and Kellen Company. This decision is based on your poor performance for the last two months. I am very sorry to inform you this but the decision has been made and agreed by the board of director.


We received too many complaints from clients that have been using your service and when we are trying to confront you about this, you would either turn off your phone or not showing up to work at all. This is the behavior we cannot tolerate as it will have bad impact to the company’s entire image.


This decision is effective immediately. Please contact human resources department if you need any assistance related to payroll and your working benefits. Thank you and may this letter finds you well.



Raph Joseph

Human Resources Department

Nash and Kellen Company


Even though it is always hard to fire someone from their job, you have to do so if your employee’s performance is poor. Use the example of termination letter due to poor performance above to write the letter properly.




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